The Impossible Quiz Speedrun New PB 4:56.57 -

The Impossible Quiz Speedrun New PB 4:56.57

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Follow me on twitch! Thought I’d have another go at this because my video from 2 years ago got so much hype, took me an hour to beat that time rofl. — Watch live at


  1. Me: Why don't you use the skips in the last 6 questions?

  2. Dickhis Khan if you read this comment what happened to your Nintendo switch video

  3. 1,337 subs, I'm gonna be the 1338th, teehee

  4. Well never mind, it appears as though you've already tried it again. Fantastic

  5. WOW i find this run very well :), your video has a like and
    your Channel deserved a subscription… 😀
    Please visit my canal also times and pleas subscribe me whom you like 🙂
    would be pleased me ^^)

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