The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 58s 860ms (former world record) -

The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 58s 860ms (former world record)

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New wr (by me again):

22698 attempts
7 chokes on the last 3 questions
I am so happy lmao

This run is basically perfect tbh (but theres still improvements to be made ofc) so I doubt i’ll try beating this anytime soon

also nice voice crack at the end lmao


  1. In the beginning I blinked and missed like 7 questions. Your run was awesome!

  2. i have seen no runs prior to this, but I believe this will forever stand the tests of time

  3. That's incredible, awesome job! And for some reason I have just now discovered that you can enter in your skips on the last question before the screen shows up, nice time save 🙂

  4. Oh my god. How fast is your nervous system???? Holy shit.

  5. Your best you should have 100 k subs and more

  6. You can do it faster with a drawing tablet

  7. If you get a mouse with an unlockable scroll wheel and a button mapper I’m sure you could knock at least 5 seconds off of that time

  8. I did a speedrun myself what do you think I should have done better?

  9. I beat u by one minute try beating that

  10. Congratulations. I remember this game as a kid. Such a brilliant puzzle

  11. just got this in recommendation and you click REAL FAST. congrats

  12. You did amazing! You are very awesome and you deserve so much more 😀

  13. Took 6 minutes for me to beat it the first time, considering that you took around 4 minutes to beat it, I cannot compare. You are faster than the flash m8.

  14. 2:51 me doing the questions on the test that is possible but with a minute left

  15. Life lesson of the day: Click the 42nd 42.

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