The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 57s 667ms (former world record) -

The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 57s 667ms (former world record)

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Ok so this is kind of a surprising new record since i had like a 3 month break after my 3:58 and after grinding for only a few days i got this run haha

This is also the epic 10% world record which is very nice to have again 😀

For the actual run, the Q1-33 split wasn’t amazing but was good enough, and the 33-67 split was really good which put me slightly ahead of my old record. The worst split by far in this run was the 67-91 split which i almost lost an entire second on mainly due to a messy Q83 and a very mediocre 91.

For the 91-100 split, I actually found a nice technique to save a few tenths of a second on 92 but didn’t do it that well on this run, and barely saved time in this split (which is to be expected because barely any inputs are even done here).

The main reason for this record was my epic 10. Q101 and 102 were both really good and saved me an entire second, and i also used a small timesave to make 106 slightly faster which loses a life, but was worth doing since I had one to spare anyway. My 108 was decent but since the 108 on the last record i had was really good i ended up being 0.1 seconds slower than my previous record, but because of my 109 and 110 both being incredibly fast i saved a whole 800ms and got the record by quite a lot, breaking into the next second barrier 😀

I would also like to give a special thanks to Luke Saward for making an autosplitter for this game, which makes speedrunning this a lot more fun and is also one of the main reasons I started running again 🙂

As for future runs, I will probably continue to play this quite a lot as I still want to get a 3:56 run, so stay tuned for that 😀


  1. U use the mikoyan fox bat III mouse? Lol I use it too😂

  2. I was barely able to get sub 5 minutes on this game and you got sub 4?

  3. Lol I luv how the Dax u were both yur index fingers&thumb on less dominant hand which I’m guessing if your left, but yeah you clearly PASSED IT EITH FLYING COLORS AND SVEN MANAJWGEZ IF T DO IT SUCCESSFULLY LOL& and congrats on that very thingy thang IMFAO @|ZO, yet such a speedrun in my head, as childhood school memories that I had for=longed if of ever since I used to have sleep overs they sorta and dhem 2 still give me back the same olf lofe backtpry flashbackalz' NOSTALGIA LIKE ANYOTHERS ESSENTIALLY WOULD BADICALLY MAKING U FEEL GUD IN THA SPECICIFC END IMFAO!

  4. dude the two hand butterfly clicking looks so lame😂😂

  5. dude and i thought that 3:58 you got was insane
    you managed to get a fraction of a second faster

  6. insane 👀👀👀 what's the reason for waiting to click 0.4 on question 92?

  7. How did you install flash player? I can't find a link anymore

  8. bros spam clicking sounds like mr krabs walking 💀

  9. And I thought I was fast at this quiz, wow.

  10. Press Tab, and it's Game Over. No tab message.

  11. I remember being a kid on my iPad playing this game, having my hands all over the screen to get the muscle memory and check my time. Never did it on PC. This was a fun video to watch 🙂

  12. Lives Lost: idk
    Skips Used: None!
    Grade: A+
    Have Another Go!

  13. How long have you been working on this speedrun for?

  14. For me no.102 is really a pain but I usually still get through it

  15. Fun Fact: this game is not for children but they dont care 😀

  16. 2:50 When your on the last 10 question but the teacher is finna put them in grade book

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