The Impossible Quiz (Rage Game - Trolled) -

The Impossible Quiz (Rage Game – Trolled)

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You guys have been asking that I play The Impossible Quiz and here it is!!
Serious rage inducing game & I get trolled badly!!

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  1. The one she skipped 2 times was the color of the letter

  2. it might be shoe polish cuz when you get rid of a dog you say "SHOO" 😁

  3. Just look up Boggy and then fill in the colors the picture shows you from B to Y

  4. You don't see the number on the upper left!

  5. The correct order for boggy is blue orange green green yellow because of boggy order of name

  6. I did not know you are streaming so long 🙂

  7. People wanted to see you play this game because of your reaction to it, lol. So funny for us but annoying for you, muahahahah

  8. On the question that says “sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna” it says “ answer this question backwards” and the answer “K.O” is “ok” backwards

  9. With that dont touch the pink I think you can pick up the mouse off the desk and I won't see I then you click the other button.

  10. Last answer was the question number!!😂

  11. The one you rage quit on it was question 42

  12. “This game is probably going to drive me to want to kill something”
    When you thought she was going to say some-ONE

  13. Who else got soooo triggered when she smiled the one you have to paint, lauren the word boggy is at the bottom of the painting it is blue Orange green green yellow

    I think

  14. Hello from the future, I'm just binge watching your old videos cause i've watched almost all of your videos haha. 3.55M subs, i'm so proud of you!! I love you so much, and you inspire me to be myself, the crazy, weird, funny person i am 🙂

  15. Who else has completed the impossible quiz and were shouting out the answers the whole time

  16. Question No.9, Lauren was right on that one. It was the bottom left one.
    Unless I'm stupid and missed the joke or something but if not the game programers made a mistake 😀

  17. I’m the 2020 year comment your looking for 🙂

  18. ⌒▽⌒ who else is watching in 2020??

  19. Lauren: POLO, how many O's in the sentence?
    Me: no, the polo as in the shirt

  20. Why is You Tube recommending me videos that are 6 years agoooo??

  21. YouTube: let’s recommend this seven years later to Sarah Gottus.
    Me: clicks it anyway

  22. it's 42 but you had to count the 42 that's the hint

  23. Lauren actually in 6:49 it says BOGGY on the painting, so B(brown), O(orange), GG(2green), Y(yellow)

  24. 8:34 ; Its says when you hover your mouse over it "Click the V"

  25. This is so long ago this is when you did not have bobby and you live in a apartment

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