The Impossible Quiz - Questions 1 - 110 Answers -

The Impossible Quiz – Questions 1 – 110 Answers

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A year ago, my TIQ Questions 1 – 110 video got removed for ‘nudity’. This is my second attempt and it’s 2 years late… hehe.
My exams are over and I have nothing better to do so I decided to finally get this out of the way.

Questions 5 & 30: Right clicking makes you invincible.
Questions 34 & 95: You have to put your mouse out of the flash.
Question 37: All answers are correct.
Question 60: You must be honest. The answer depends on you.
Question 92: If you click all the numbers before the bomb appears, you instantly lose.
Question 106: Holding the mouse makes you invincible.
Question 107: Hover on ‘Fine’ but don’t click it. The game over screen will pop up eventually but don’t click ‘Try Again?’

This was my third attempt. My first two was recapping the answers because last time I played this quiz was a year ago.


  1. skip: DONT USE UNTIL YOU GET TO LEVEL 110 : humman: clicks skip

  2. That red circle from when you clicked was good to see for something like this

  3. What? I don't remember seeing any nudity on this game!

  4. The worst game ever made. If you don't have skips left then you can't pass the final level what a waste!

  5. 🟨⬛️🟨⬛️🟨SORRY! NO SKIPPING!

  6. Get skips on:
    1: Q10
    2: Q20
    3: Q35
    4: Q55
    5: Q75
    6: Q84
    7: Q84

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