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‘The Impossible Quiz’ – Pokemon Green Japanese Nuzlocke [#9]

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It’s like the culmination of my inability to understand Japanese. Kinda like a final boss with no real stakes or drama.

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  1. This LP is gonna have 1 hell of a highlight reel.

  2. 10 year old me always went south from pallet town because eff-seafoam islands.

  3. Noo I've been trying to keep up with you while playing yellow on my 3Ds, but you just caught up to me :/

  4. I am pretty early. Therefore, I should get a cookie.

  5. once I read the description, it hit me… long time watcher, barely comment. great video

  6. Be glad this isn't life or death or we are all going to be in deep shit… Oh wait this is a nuzlocke. Well looks like the #Rabbidmoments is going to get interesting!

  7. When does he realize that Lapras is Water/Ice type, and thus takes neutral damage from Fire?

  8. I didnt get fly until I finished off the champion, I had to go through seafoamAll I'm gonna say is good call Rabbid

  9. Lucky for you, i'm hunting for Bruxish atm. Translate time!

    – Tangela has a silent name, thats used to make combinations like "kyo" and "ryo"
    – Grimer is called "Nununununu"
    – Kabutois called "Wawawawawa"

  10. Oh, I wish all the other HMs were as useful in battle as surf.

  11. I wonder how honoured you were after finding out in a rumour that Ubisoft were inspired to make a game out of your youtube channel?

  12. In gen 1 if a Pokémon is two types and one of them resists the attack the Pokémon will resist the attack regardless of the second types weaknesses.

  13. Alright question time again, a bit late though. What starter are you guys planning to get in Sun and Moon? Me, I´m leaning towards Litten. Always liked cats.

  14. Just an FYI. You named your Tangela YOYOYOYOYOYO

  15. Oh my god that quiz is the ultimate highlight.

  16. laprass in gen 1 was only water type not water and ice

  17. There's an issue with the programming in the original games where if a move was super effective and not very effective against a multi type pokemon, it just randomly shows the dialogue box for one, lapras is taking fuck all damage from fire because he's a special tank, moreso in later generations but still.

  18. Now when I first played red I talked to all the trainers because I thought that they were the quiz. Ended up fighting everybody, thoroughly confused that the quiz that had been told about had never materialised, then for some reason I spoke to one of the machines and I was given the quiz. I completed the quiz after I had already beaten the gym….. How was I supposed to know that I was supposed to talk to a random object when there is an obvious person in front of them.

  19. yoyoyo the tangela, nununu the grimer

  20. Rabbid, are you going to get a miss- oh wait. Never mind. Thanks for saying it.

  21. Swimming caps are worn because hair is less aerodynamic, which costs the fraction of seconds that decide high-level races.

  22. Never underestimate the power of type advantage. Lapras just wrecked two gyms. Amazing.

  23. Fire beats Ice, but because of weird Gen 1 match-ups, sometimes stuff doesn't line up. The Water/Ice type are resistant to Fire, Poison is super-effective against Bug even when it's a Bug/Poison type, Ghost is super effective against Psychic and isn't, etc..

    However, when Bind, Wrap, Fire Spin, etc. make a damage sound in Gen 1, it will make the effectiveness damage sound the first hit, and then always makes the normal effectiveness sound for the remainder of the duration.

  24. Nidoqueen and Nidoking are Poison/Ground, making them weak to ground moves like Earthquake.
    Rhydon is one of the slowest pokemon in Gen. 1, so it doesn't take much to outspeed it.

  25. to bad surf isn't easy to find in generation 7

  26. I think in Gen 1 Fire-types moves are still super effective against Ice-type pokemon but Fire-type pokemon don't resist Ice-type moves. I'm not 100% sure on that though. There's also issues with how the game treats dual-type pokemon and the sound effect it should be making when taking damage from certain moves, especially with like fire and ice and water and such, it's just a mess.

  27. The reason that the not very effective sound plays is because that in gen 1 it would play the effectiveness sound of the first typing of the pokemon compared to the type of the move.

  28. Yeah when it comes to the Cinnebar gym, even if I got the correct answer, I still fight the trainers. Come to think of it, Blaine and his gym are one of my favorite gyms in Gen 1.

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