The Impossible Quiz PN Edition in 5:49 this time! -

The Impossible Quiz PN Edition in 5:49 this time!

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It doesn’t show it in the video but I swear I got an A+ like last time. Insert previous video’s description here:
Question 12 – Unlike other slider questions, the question asked stays the same. You always have to click the question number.
FUSESTOPPER: Select the purple number from 15-50
Question 30 – There can be multiple questions asked here. I only showed the answer to one of them. You can try the others out if you want.
Question 31 – The numbers never go in order. Just click the one that’s green.
Question 33 – Used to be much harder, but now it’s fairly easy.
Question 39 – If you have 1 life left, arrival to this question will recieve in an auto game over.
Question 41 – The challenges are in the correct order.
Question 45 – The robotic cube is RBT and the blue seal is Pop
Question 56 – Can be from 5 + 5-8 + 8 All you have to do is cube the number and multiply it by 2
Question 63 – Will ask you a random true or false question. The variation in the video is the only one that I could find where the answer is true.
Question 67 – Has a random RPS formation and you have to answer with the one that would beat it in 2 seconds.
Question 71 – It’s easier to move your mouse while clicking the first meter. On the third meter, it goes by faster if you do not use your thumb.
Question 74 – The arrow’s in the same spot as in the original quiz.
Question 83 – Just like in the original question, a 1 second bomb appears and just like in that quiz, the answer was TL;DR.
Question 85 – They are not exact numbers, unlike the original question.
Question 90 – Where the code from question 35 comes in handy.
Question 91 – Don’t type until the bomb starts ticking down. Otherwise, your keys won’t register.
Question 93 – Make sure the letter is highlighted before you click!
Question 95 – I am familiar with this word, so it’s easier for me to type it.
Question 97 – That’s where the text in question 60 is used.
Question 98 – EXTREMELY hard. You can try it out if you think you can do it, but I would recommend using a fusestopper, or if you are speedrunning, just skip it like I did. This question is the bane of my existence A.K.A. the reason I don’t have an S in this quiz.
Question 99 – It’s a random question where you have to choose an answer. This could be hard for some, but this quiz has extremely memorable questions and those are the questions that they chose, so it’s easy for me.
Question 100 – Make sure you know PvZ well!
Mrpopsstar’s GameJolt:


  1. What happens if I fail to do Q91-99 in 3 minutes

  2. How to get in the game The Impossible Quiz: Peashooter Night Edition

  3. at 4:30 it was Song is likes is "Chris incredible 20" on impossible quiz 2

  4. I agree. Question 98 is really hard, and I meant it that way >:)

    (P.S. I made this quiz, really cool speedrun! :D, great job mate!)

  5. Ah yes, Geometry Dash. Great job, YouTube

  6. Does question 100 count cob cannon?

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