The Impossible Quiz: Peashooter Nights Edition (Full Walkthrough) (READ DESC) -

The Impossible Quiz: Peashooter Nights Edition (Full Walkthrough) (READ DESC)

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So, after two years or so, another Impossible Quiz tribute is out, and what if said IQ tribute combines Plants vs. Zombies and Five Nights at Freddy’s, well, this is the result.

All variable questions are marked in the video, along with the answers shown in case the options don’t change
Q8’s skip location is also variable
Q16 and 59 are technically also variable, the word you have to spell may be different
Don’t get tricked on Q19, if you fill the bar with the red button, auto-G.O.
You’re gonna hate Q31 a lot, since perhaps it has the variations of all 16 cameras
Q49 is written in Wingdings (you’ll notice that)
Q51 is a safe question actually, all of the answers are positive feedback
Q60’s maze has a code you have to remember for later on, since I didn’t do the maze since it’s very hard for me, I just put it on-screen
Q69 doesn’t hide anything interesting, not even if you click the question number 69 times
On Q71 and 91 my keyboard sometimes doesn’t detect that I pressed keys, indicating why I barely passed Q71 and had to use a fusestopper for 91
Q73 is a safe question, the options, when clicking them, won’t make you lose a life, but you won’t be able to proceed
Don’t press any of the options in Q88 or auto-G.O.
Q89’s timer is variable, you have to hit the Question 90 button when the bomb hits a random number from 1-25
The “And this question is variable” message in Q100 is OBVIOUSLY edited, since it’s not in the font of the rest of the question message

DISCLAIMER: Between Question 92 and 93 you may notice I get a fusestopper back, that’s because that keyboard issue I have that prevented me pass Question 91 without using a fusestopper, so I recorded another video after using the fusestopper in Q92 BUT after beating Q91 normally, since that keyboard issue normally happens when I’m recording. I also had to mute the credits music to avoid copyright and replaced it with a much better sounding one.

And oh yeah, today’s my birthday and I’m 22 now.

Music: Walking at the Disco – Emily Shepard
Distrion & Electro-Light – Drakkar [NCS Release]



  1. Congratulations on completing the PN impossible quiz!

  2. AB75HD / TwoCommunityCoordinators两社区协管 says:

    Your Grade is: C

  3. Do you get a tab message when you press the Tab key?

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