The Impossible Quiz: Peashooter Nights Edition (1.2 Update) -

The Impossible Quiz: Peashooter Nights Edition (1.2 Update)

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So, this game got updated and had some new questions and a lot of changes, in video I’ll only list the changes made

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How to solve some questions:
Questions 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 28, 30, 31, 41, 45, 56, 59, 63, 67, 68, 79, 82, 94, 96, 99 and 100 are all variable, and their answers (except for the new Questions which are 68, 79, 82 and 99) can be seen on the previous video I made about this.
Question 8’s skip location is variable
Question 17 is also a new question, and the skip obtaining method was also changed and has now its bomb removed
Question 19’s bomb has decreased from 15 to 12
Question 21’s bomb was removed
Question 22’s fusestopper location is variable
Press the number of lives you have in Q26
Press E and then A in Q27
On Question 31, if you get a blank camera, the answer is CAM 9
Press S in Question 36
Questions 38, 51 and 73 are safe questions
Hold CTRL in Question 39
Type 21 in Question 42
All answers are correct in Question 51
Hold Up arrow key in Question 53
Questions 68, 79 and 82 are now throwback questions from The Impossible Quiz series (68 are TIQ 1, 79 are TIQ 2, and 82 are TIQB)
Question 69 remains unchanged, yeah, clicking the question number 69 times still gives the same effect
Press E on Question 70
Hold S in Question 72
Question 73’s answer is still pressing Right arrow key
Question 75’s bomb timer reduced from 10 seconds to 8
Question 78 is now the original Question 99
Can you hear “Sneaky Adventure” from Kevin McLeod on Question 81?
On some of Question 82’s variations, you’ll need the keyboard
Press P on Question 86
Question 88’s bomb timer reduced from 20 seconds to 15
Question 89 has also a variable timer, this time I got the lowest possible one.

You’ll now have 90 seconds to beat Questions 91-99, using a fusestopper will pause the Digi-Bomb (though you can’t use fusestoppers on Q93 and 97)
Question 94: The peashooter location is variable
One of the variations on Question 96 (the bomb answer, which I showed in the previous video) was removed and replaced with a new one
The Digi-Bomb stops running on Question 98
Question 99 is the only new question in the Final 10

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Music: Walking at the Disco – Emily Shepard
Distrion & Electro-Light – Drakkar [NCS Release]



  1. What happen if the digi-bomb reached 0

  2. What is the name of the font used on questions 68, 79 and 82?

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    Your Grade is: B

  4. Long time no see, folk, wish I still had my discord to talk with you

  5. I hate how most of the questions are rip off

  6. 4:03 i mean if you want to play a demon level you could select play geometry dash but i mean like thats not gonna get it for you for free its just a nope

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