THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! - PART 3 (Gametime w/ Smosh Games) -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! – PART 3 (Gametime w/ Smosh Games)

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Ian and Anthony are playing The Impossible Quiz again, and this time they vow to make it to question 100. Hopefully that will be the end! But will they succeed? The frustration erupts in part 3 of “Smosh takes The Impossible Quiz”.

Part 2 of The Impossible Quiz:

Ian and Anthony want to play with you! Watch them play new and user-suggested video games from the Smosh Games HQ in a new episode every Wednesday.

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  1. dumb voice over and over and over and horse and stuff h-o-r-s-e

  2. The prince is the frog the balls are on its feet

  3. Honestly though, even if we DO make it 200k likes and they play it again, it'll lose its charm and it won't be as funny… Let's be honest

  4. Shriek is the green prince with sticky balls I'm guessing

  5. Play the impossible quiz part 4 please for god

  6. Anthony rages like Dan oml. And then Ian is like Phil who just putting up their friend's bullshit

  7. Smosh you should play the impossible quiz 2 and 3

  8. Naaaa na na na na na na na Katamari Damacy!

  9. they're talking about the prince from Pac-Man I think

  10. we just got a letter we just got a letter we just got a letter wonder who its from: the reason why im leaving smosh

  11. Easy a prince is a frog
    And a prince is a boy so it has balls

  12. Anthony's rage about the nail got me cracked up

  13. I'm pretty sure they changed the thumbnail to just Anthony's screaming face recently.

  14. The Prince is the character you play as in Katamari! He’s green and rolls stuff because his ball is super sticky.

  15. I’ve completed this game u complete lvl 100 then you get the epic ten so for question 110 u need all your skips so in the Android lvl u need to get 2 skips to complete the game

  16. When I go to type that Ian looks like Steve from Blue's Clues

    And everyone has already said it…

  17. This is the most bullshit quiz but I love playing it anyways.

  18. Its been 4 years and im still waiting for those 200,000 likes

  19. 2:20 I laughed so hard a spat on my monitor when Anthony lost his shit

  20. 6 years later and this video still doesn't have 200K likes lol

  21. What now happens when this gets 200k likes now?

  22. this video still doesn’t have 200k likes, good call guys

  23. this needs to get 200k likes so we can reunite them

  24. He was close to the end. It's 110 questions in The Impossible Quiz 1.

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