The Impossible Quiz (Part 2) -

The Impossible Quiz (Part 2)

Keith Santagato
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Back playing the Impossible Quiz but this time I beat it….




  1. Keith, you are way too hard on yourself in these videos.

  2. It's because you go over the skip buttons so the mouse isn't on the road anymore, you need to avoid the skips arrow in the bottom right

  3. Less than 2 minutes in and we're RAGING 🤣🤣

  4. Your thumbnails are my favorite shit, Keith

  5. The fact that you can hold left click 😭😭

  6. Oh Keith and his rage, how I love it. 🤣

  7. Don't forget that the impossible quiz has a sequel 😏

  8. King Keith has posted agian, this will be a good day

  9. More vids like this please, these are gold

  10. Pretty sure it’s cause at that one turn he keeps hovering onto the skip arrow that’s there

  11. It’s really nice to see someone else that has the same level of rage as me 😂 everyone is so chill and I’m just over here 🤬 lol

  12. this'll be my first time seeing the end; it's been so long lmao

  13. You have to start high once you cross the street so you're ahead of the lag and have time to curve down:)

  14. Keith it says SLOW at the part you keep messing up, maybe it’s supposed to lag

  15. Hot take but arguably funnier than Joe

  16. The internet needs way more Keith. Love ya bud

  17. Why do you do this to yourself?! This game seems terrible! 😂😂

  18. The “almost there” cheer is going with me to work this week 😂

  19. My absolute favorite channel on youtube 👏🏻

  20. I’ve waited so long for Keith to make more videos! I look forward to these you’re the man!!😂

  21. I FORGOT ABOUT THIS GAME, so happy to see you creating content! 🙂

  22. This is getting me through my treadmill workout

  23. When you go around the bend the road says slow. Try going slow. You're rushing to get past it.

  24. he kept hovering on the skip thats why he kept losing

  25. i burned so many calories laughing at this🤣

  26. I think you have to move the cursor slow on question 106 where it says “slow” on the road Keith lol…just my guess 🤔

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