The Impossible Quiz Part 1 (Gaming w/ Metal) -

The Impossible Quiz Part 1 (Gaming w/ Metal)

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Hey stupids – one of you gave me the bright idea to start gaming, so now I will, every Saturday! What game should I play next? – Metal


Adam Busch (friends with Indie)

Chris Clowers (friends with Dubstep)

Jack Douglass (friends with Intern 2)

Tania Gunadi (friends with Techno)

Grace Helbig (friends with Idol)

Lainey Lipson (friends with Scene)

Lee Newton (Friends with Country)

Jarrett Sleeper (friends with Metal)

Mychal Thompson (friends with Nerdcore)

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  1. I actually get the answers because of metal haha

  2. Is it just me, or does metal look like a lumberjack with his beard and shirt?

  3. I'm quite very very sure he has played this game before, too obvious. Psht

  4. Oh this game the one that is going to make u go NUTS

  5. now everyone is making gameplays… just like pewds. 

  6. Oh my god I was about to piss myself when his voice was sped up bahahahahah!

  7. For those who say "omg, <insert a let's players name here> played this before, you're so late"…

    He plays games that WE, the VIEWERS suggest. So it kinda is the community's fault that he's playing games that other let's players has played?

  8. At the last question you have to put all you skips in the shity box

  9. Pewdiepie has played this,much beter! 😀

  10. Question 11 is n because after the 2 there's an N get it? ^°^

  11. Metal you been using alots of bells because you know the what sound does a bell make

  12. I feel almost guilty watching GWM but then I make excuses about it being integral to the storyline 🙂

  13. December 2nd the letter n comes after the number 2

  14. It`s mouth because when you clic it it looks like cheese.

  15. It's hard watching this when knowing all the answers

  16. When it was sped up he sounded like Jacques from Cinderella

  17. I remember playing this game 6 yrs ago and I still remember some of the answers haha

  18. I'm so clever I figured all the questions out the 1st time

  19. jesus save us all and deliver us to salvation

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