The Impossible Quiz Part 1 (Gaming w/ Metal) -

The Impossible Quiz Part 1 (Gaming w/ Metal)

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Hey stupids – one of you gave me the bright idea to start gaming, so now I will, every Saturday! What game should I play next? – Metal


Adam Busch (friends with Indie)

Chris Clowers (friends with Dubstep)

Jack Douglass (friends with Intern 2)

Tania Gunadi (friends with Techno)

Grace Helbig (friends with Idol)

Lainey Lipson (friends with Scene)

Lee Newton (Friends with Country)

Jarrett Sleeper (friends with Metal)

Mychal Thompson (friends with Nerdcore)

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  1. Why can't he just play the game why does he know all the answers before hand
    I mean seriously

  2. Probably suggested cause Pewdiepie played it

  3. Actually the answer is SHOE POLISH because it has silver nitrate in it.

  4. its funny the way you have clearly watched LOADS of these videos to before to get the answers…

  5. Yo Metal, the other place names on Q26 are all real and in the UK.

  6. Metal goes to a werewolf hunt… Armed with Cillit Bang

  7. it's funny to see people slowly fall into madness. 

  8. Why wasn't it called gaming with nerdcore instead ? Metal is just um…..i don't know… he got to be the one retrying all the previous games on here

  9. I feel like he gets these too fast, like he knows the answers. haha I love it anyway 😊

  10. This is the best I have ever seen anyone play this one!

  11. You're actually very clever for this game, play more!!

  12. "This isn't so impossible" Oh. Just. You. Wait….

  13. It obvious he either played this game before or cheated but still fun to watch. By the way I sort of get the vibe from him solving these too fast also him saying, "Egg Mayonaise, nobody likes egg mayonaise so I guess no," Then he continues to pick it and says he likes egg mayonaise. Its sort of obvious but overall funny vids.

  14. Like this? Go watch Pewdiepie play it! He did the whole game!

  15. I were sure he would be listening to metal from the title. 

  16. Its ok to cheat.. even pewdiepie does it, its impossible quiz after all

  17. Its ok to cheat.. even pewdiepie does it, its impossible quiz after all

  18. Anyone else think he's very attractive? 😂🔫💋👌

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