The Impossible Quiz OST - Quiz Theme 1 -

The Impossible Quiz OST – Quiz Theme 1

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  1. After almost 17 years…Can you still remember?

  2. I have a question, more like 120 questions for you.1. How many holes in a polo?2. Can a match box?3. .sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsnA4. Click the answer5. Don’t touch blue!6. What is the square root of onion?7. The answer is really big.8. Search!9. What was the answer to question 2?10. Choose food.11. What follows Dec 2nd?12. Click the smallest, LOL13. AR you ready?Now, which of these planets moons?14. What sound does a bell make?15. WAITING

  3. Wrestling Montage Gone Wrong0:00(In a wrestling montage, Johnson is seen punching a bag, climbing up steep steps, doing various excersizes, and trying to fight Doozer.)Elderly Trainer: Come on, big guy! Punch him right in the keister!Johnson (trying not to do so): I… I… I can't do it! But I have to, so that way, I can beat the buff man, which'll help me to relax, which'll help me learn more about quantum physics, so I can get out of the montage, so I'll be the toughest tennis champion in the WORLD!!! (laughs nervously) Right?Elderly Trainer: I don't care what it takes! If ya wanna be great, you have to FANCY YOUR FOOTWORK!

  4. The game itself is frustrating, but the Rocky Balboa theme makes up for it.

  5. this is more high quality than other videos of this music, thanks

  6. I’m coming close to a perfect game in this quiz; wish me luck!

  7. it’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit by your brother and keep moving (Jk)

  8. Its been 16 years…

    Can you STILL remenber?

  9. I've beaten it three times. thanks peices of paper!

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