The Impossible Quiz Mobile 100% Speedrun 4:04.468 (WR) -

The Impossible Quiz Mobile 100% Speedrun 4:04.468 (WR)

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Played on 10/10/2017

Rules and explanations down below. I thought I would be done with this game after getting a 4:06 time but due to me finding a new glitch and some minor optimizations on around March, I knew I could improve the time to a 4:04.

I played by these rules:
1. Timing starts when the first question appears and ends when you reach the “complete” screen after using the final skip
2. No tools, hacks, or anything like that to assist you during the run
3. No speeding up or slowing down the footage
4. No savestates
5. Checkpoints (A.K.A. Moron Marks) are allowed
6. Glitches are allowed

The black timer shows the time of the run while the phone is showing how long I’ve been attempting runs for that session and is also there to prove I wasn’t speeding up or slowing the video. Also, in the end even though the bottom of the phone was cut off the video, I did use all skips by jitter clicking them.

The new glitch is what I call “skip preserve” ( preformed at 1:05 ) and how it works is that once you lose all lives, the skips that you collected within the Moron Mark/Checkpoint you’re in are preserved regardless if you used any skips or collected any new skips as long as you don’t make it to the next checkpoint or start from the beginning. In this case, I made use of the trick by using skips on the slowest questions of the Q.61 Moron Mark/checkpoint to get to Q.75 as fast as possible to obtain the next skip, then I purposely die so I get all the skips I obtained prior to using them plus the new skip from Q.75 putting me back at Q.61, then with the new skip, I skip Q.68 again which is the slowest question of the checkpoint. This glitch saves about a second from my 4:06.

The major differences between the mobile version and flash version is that some questions in the mobile version had to be replaced or modified probably due to copyright issues (e.g. Q.108, etc.) and the animations of some questions are slower or faster compared to the flash version of the game (e.g. Q.34, Q.84, Q.106, etc.)

Overall, really happy with this run but I don’t think I’m done yet as I made a few minor mistakes that shows a 4:03 is possible. I’ll take a small break for now though. Also, it’s worth noting I had two 4:05 PB’s to this prior to this run.

Recorded with iPad
Video Editor: Vegas Pro 14.0


  1. Yo, figured out that skip preserve glitch too! I may speedrun mobile sometime soon if I feel like it, but nice run!

  2. i am not sure if you are a human with these lighting fast speed xD

  3. you beated the guy you know the most known guy who made it to the same number get it? you actually beated him you earned a world record!

  4. Is this game for phones anymore i cant find it from anywhere

  5. The new impossible quiz butchered this, and it got removed anyway. I miss the old one

  6. "is speed up!!!!111 faehkhe!!"
    *Puts playback speed on 1.5x*

  7. On question 21, i thought you could just tap it without waiting (idk on mobile version)

  8. This is insane, must have taken you months to memorise everything. Fairs

  9. so I suppose it's not possible to start using the skips before the screen fades from black


    Lives lost: 3
    Skips founded: 7
    Skips used: 1
    Grade: B

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