THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ( Minecraft Funny Videos & Moments ) -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ( Minecraft Funny Videos & Moments )

TheCampingRusher – Fortnite
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Minecraft Funny Videos and Moments – A Minecraft mini game map that is titled “Impossible Quiz”. What could go wrong?

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Put “IMPOSSIBLE” as your comment if you read the description!


  1. anyone know what mathematics rusher takes? LOL


  3. Duuud please get a new intro, jeezzzzz dood pleeezzz

  4. RUSHER! The last one was 15 because it was 4th of the 23rd 2015!
    I love you bud. Good job on the map. Dont be sad you did good pal.

  5. "What is the hardest thing in the world"
    Me: "uhhhhhhh"

  6. why'd u eat the steak they provided cake ;-;

  7. For the last question it's a pattern. They gave you 4.2.3 you finish it with the beginning of the set aka 1 and 5

  8. The last one had a Roman Numeral 5 on the wall so it had to be 5 but not sure about the 1

  9. hi rusher I would love to see more challenges maybe some parkour with Mitch good luck with factions (like so he can see)

  10. You dont know what sandstorm is ask vikk

  11. You don't know what Darude Sandstorm is? Dayum Rusher , you have some catching up to do.

  12. the last answer was 15 b/c thats the date of the aniversity 4.23.15 🙂 yourwelcome

  13. Revamping Channel! ---------〉New Channel : MajorYT|Channel Revamp says:

    Darude Sandstorm is a song xD
    You should search it up.
    It's like the same beat playing for 5 mins lol

  14. @TheCampingRusher That last one was 4.23.15 as in April 23rd 2015, if you hadn't figured it out already. 😀
    Awesome video! I love when you rage… lol

  15. When Rusher said "smart man or boy I don't know" I immediately thought am I a man… Or am I a Muppet. Or am I just a Muppet of a man.

  16. When Rusher said may 15th I was like ahhhhh that's my birthday lmao

  17. My brother heard rusher sing living on a prayer and he continued the next line of the song #rusherfever

    comment on this rusher so ik you reading the comments

  19. The one with the baby zombies you could parkour from the wool to the fences and all the way around til you found the right one then just fall on the right pressure plate and all this time you can't be hit

  20. Who else thought he was going to play the GAME Impossible Quiz?

  21. stands on cake and eats steak, the disrespect…

    IGN: EpicstudiosYT
    I would like to join TNSHOOL because I really want to be a part of the awesome factions sieries and I would like to help out TEAMNUDEMIC. I watch your factions sieries every day and my qualities you might want to know are:
    1. I am good at raiding because I learned from the best 😉
    2. I am super good at sniping people with bows and pretty good with the sharpened sword.
    3. I am pretty good at building and have a creative mind for bases.
    4. I am also " minecraft smart " I know how to craft about 91% of the things in minecraft
    5. I am FACTIONS smart I know all about the commands and how the ranks and stuff works 😀

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