THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ( Minecraft Funny Videos & Moments ) -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ( Minecraft Funny Videos & Moments )

TheCampingRusher – Fortnite
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Minecraft Funny Videos and Moments – A Minecraft mini game map that is titled “Impossible Quiz”. What could go wrong?

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Put “IMPOSSIBLE” as your comment if you read the description!


  1. When it got to the Cheryl's Birthday question, who knew the answer right away like me?

  2. for the upside down one it said at the end, jumping helps, you passed it when you were jumping

  3. I used to play on a survival server with Phoenix over a year ago 😛 nice to see him make it big

  4. YOU….YOU…..didn't eat the cake…..INSTEAD YOU ATE YOUR KIND!!Evil evil evil cow.i cri everytim

  5. 4.23, if you think about it, since the answer is 1 and 5 you now have the numbers 1-5. 1,2,3,4,5 so that's why it's 1&5 maybe??? Idk

  6. "These ones arnt burning witch means"

  7. At 4:28 when he said literally I though he was going into that soy that's Shane Dawson sang in a snapchat vid
    'Literally my life is hanging with Drew Monson
    Tacos with the boys
    Sucking on his-' you know the rest

  8. Is it just me or did rusher change his YouTube channel name or did I miss something

  9. Rush the last one is 1 5 cause the question is 4.23 so look at it and u will see 1 2 3 4 5 😛 grate vid btw funny to watch people rage

  10. I got the last question right cuz 1 and 5 are b4 and after 4,2and3

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  12. I believe it meant the year of it's anaversy

  13. I guessed the we r half way ther one and the sandstorm

  14. Does anyone else notice the different quality?

  15. IMPOSSIBLE , and i was wondering i am the only one saying this words……..

  16. I figured out the Cheryl's b-day thing when I saw it on the computer

  17. The last one was 15 because the anniversary is 4-23-15 aka 2015

  18. Your with no dought my favorite Youtuber.. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your awesome videos full with crazy enthusiasim and just keep awesome dude! I hope you continu to record awesome videos and keep cool Rusher!

  19. That 4.23. One was a date… Its 2015,
    So the date would be 4/23/15

  20. Umm Cherlys Birthday its not May 15 your getting confused with me thats MY birthday due so my Birthday is on Friday

  21. That last one 4.23 the answer was 15 because of 2015

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