THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! (Minecraft Custom Map) -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! (Minecraft Custom Map)

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Today I RAGE a the Minecraft version of the impossible quiz!

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  1. I tapped the random video because I saw a gross video. I ended up on urs

  2. the gangnam style referred to broke most views record on YouTube

  3. "." is a full stop, not a period, YOU ARE AUSTRALIAN WE CALL THEM FULL STOPS

  4. Do you know what else is impossible? A game being made without a minecraft remake

  5. I'm guessing 4.23 is April 23rd and 15 was the year. Soooo, made no sense Straub?

  6. When will cube be back it was my fav series but i don't mind if you don't bring it back

  7. being early is boring all you see in the comments is "first" or a number or a simple comment

  8. "My intelligence has 69 in it so"

    "I guess I win"

  9. "What's the hardest thing in the world? My…Nevermind" o.o

  10. My intelligence has 69 in it so I guess I win… Lol

  11. This video shall be up for the rest of days

  12. "What's the hardest thing in the world, my umm, never mind"

  13. "Hardest thing in the world. My d.. nevermind"

  14. gets popcorn
    This is going to be interesting

  15. "My intelligence has 69 in it…. I guess I win"

  16. Why do the top 3 comments all say the same thing about the hardest thing in the world xD

  17. Yay the first 3 numbers of straub's subs to the opposite of mine 🙂

  18. Lol the "StrauberryJam has teleported" at the bottom of the screen at the end

  19. You have never heard of the viral puzzle? (Sheryl's birthday)

  20. Was i the only one that understude the Cheryl thing? Btw I figured it out without any help

  21. The hardest thing in the word my……Nevermind is like 85% of the comments xD

  22. whats the hardest thing in the world [my… nvm(dick)]

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