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You’ve been asking for it; so we’re gonna give it to you. This week Ian and Anthony are playing The Impossible Quiz. How well will they score?

Acting Like Kids in Mario 3D:

Ian and Anthony want to play with you! Watch them play new and user-suggested video games from the Smosh Games HQ in a new episode every Wednesday.

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  1. 'A Polo' has 4 holes because 'A' has one hole, and 'Polo' has 3 holes, they meant how many holes does 'A Polo' have as in the letters

  2. You guys are true dumbass 😂


  4. Is it bad I understood every question and I know why they had the answer they had? I have a broken mind 😂

  5. I screamed when they thought that the spelling "colour" is wrong

  6. First time they passed "The Answer" LOL not noticed

  7. British/Australian/maybe Canadian spelling of colour/color

  8. the thumbnail looks loke guava juice

  9. hearing you say you spelt colour wrong hurt me

  10. Cillit Bang ( /ˌsɪlɪt ˈbæŋ/) (sold in some countries as Easy-Off Bam or Easy-Off Bang) is the brand name of a range of cleaning products sold by the consumer products manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser. The products marketed under the brand name include a degreaser, cleaning crystals, and a grime, rust, mould and limescale remover.
    Cillit Bang Grime and Lime Spray (known in some countries as Easy off Bang/Bam Power Grime and Lime Cleaner Trigger) product contains two acids: sulfamic acid and phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid (also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric (V) acid) is a weak mineral acid with the chemical formula H3PO4 and applied to rusted iron or steel tools or surfaces to convert iron (III) oxide (rust) to a water-soluble phosphate compound.[citation needed]
    This cleaner can be used on glass, acrylic plastic, ceramics (washbasins, toilet bowls, etc.), wall and floor tiles, PVC floor coating, copper, chrome and kitchen tops. It should not be used on any acid sensitive material, such as marble or enamel, aluminium, stone, zinc plated metals, kitchen worktops, linoleum, varnished, waxed or oiled wood floors, rubber, textiles or carpets.[citation needed]

  11. You have to save all your skips for the last question

  12. Yknow this quiz it British from ‘Cillit bang’ ‘coloUr’ ‘twat and ‘arse’ lmao

  13. If I were there, I'd be like, "GIMME THE F@$%ING MOUSE BOIYOS"

  14. I watched the woof question again with my headphones in and it was actually really funny XD
    Oh yeah and the other funny thing about this is at 1:55 Ian says "We're f*cking smart!!" then at 4:04 he says "GOD WE ARE IDIOTS!!" lmfao

  15. dude – perfect synchronization in 2:03 .
    Anthonian forever, BIATCH!

  16. “They spelt colour wrong” no, your country did!

  17. To go back. That’s all anyone wants. To go back

  18. This comment section hasn't been touched for 6 years. Help me revive it

  19. weird how i suddenly remembered this video

  20. Welp, here I am, 8 years later, feeling nostalgic and decide to take a trip down memory lane… damn

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