The Impossible Quiz - Level 31-40 Walkthrough -

The Impossible Quiz — Level 31-40 Walkthrough

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  1. im on question 34, but when i move my cursor nothing happens

  2. 31. Woof. Woof. Woof. (Badly Drawn Dawg mostly barks three times.)

    32. Babycham and Human faeces

    33. 7

    34. Move your mouse off the flash game screen. It's a safe question.

    35. Wait till the death button turns into a green happy button, then click it.

    36. A walk

    37. Click any answer you want to pick. It's a safe question.

    38. Mary Rose

    39. Cylindrical Adventures

    40. Right click and you get a bridge. move safely across the bridge and move on the next question safely. Or you can hold left-click then you can move freely around the screen. Be careful, if you let go off your mouse. you will lose a life and start again.


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