The Impossible Quiz - Level 101-110 Walkthrough -

The Impossible Quiz — Level 101-110 Walkthrough

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  1. I don’t know why, but when I touch the skips on question 106, I lose a life

  2. 101 – Type Chihuahua102 – Touch the Dots before they vanish103 – Search for a red square thingy104 – Click the sad yellow moon105 – Spell banana with the letters of the options106 – KEEP ON THE ROAD (For me this was the hardest)107 – Dont do anything108 – 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42109 – Mash the mouse110 – USE ALL YOUR SKIPS

  3. 106 is broken for me I get to the end and then it kills me.

  4. For Q 108, you have to memorise the numbers in Q 50, if you didn’t, good luck finishing the question. There is an unusual 11 second bomb in the top right corner, A keyboard with 10 numbers on it, a space bar and an execute button. If you run out of time, type the wrong number or press ‘tab’, the computer and bomb will go nuts and the computer will spam SYSTEM FAILURE on the screen. These items will then fly across the screen when the chaos happens: Spoon, Large Tin, Skips, Meteor, Bomb, Chris the cat and his chair and finally, the bomb. After that, it’s game over. You can still use your skips when the chaos is happening, but then it would make the quiz impossible.

  5. 101.type Chihuahua
    102.touch the dots
    103. search for Dennis the square tomato
    104. Click the sad gross sun
    105.spell banana
    106. Keep on road/or cheats
    107.dont click the answers just wait for a fake game over screen
    108.remember the numbers on Q 50 the spider yellow thingy's butt
    110.use all your skip's

  6. You can just right click on everyone of thos…

  7. I have tricks for 104 and 106. If you click the answer twice in 104, you'll skip 105, and 106 hold the mouse left click

  8. 101. Type "chihuahua". (10)

    102. This is the hardest question in the game. Touch the dots and avoid the squares! Be quick!

    103. Search for Dennis the Square Tomato, located somewhere in the "C" in "Search!" (10)

    104. Click the large yellow sad moon. (10)

    105. Click the B in Gooseberry, A in Apple, 2nd N in Nectarine, A in Apple once again, and 2nd N in Nectarine once again. (10)

    106. Keep on the road.

    107. Wait till you get a fake game over.

  9. me at 31 december: yea 2021
    god: comgratulations …but… it's not over yet
    it's time for 2020,5

  10. I knew the skips were for something.

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