THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! | Kleschka Quiz Time -

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! | Kleschka Quiz Time

Austin Kleschka
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Welcome back to another Kleschka Quiz Time, Kleschka Crew! We are taking the world’s most impossible quiz, THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! This one really makes you think and it will can make you angry! Enjoy!


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  1. I love these quiz vids!! Haha this quiz look awesomely in possible 😂👍👍

  2. Literally on number 4 I was yelling Press the answer on the question! lol

  3. It’s in the same place everytime good lord

  4. Nice one man! Btw have u heard of scratch? It lets you make your own game like projects and I'm almost done making my OWN impossible quiz! Wanna play (mabey the make a vid on it) my quiz?

  5. Choose food one was teeth cause it "chews food" your teeth chew it

  6. Whoever made this quiz has WAY too much time on his hands.

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