The Impossible Quiz Is Too Easy -

The Impossible Quiz Is Too Easy

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The Impossible Quiz is one of the most popular flash games of all time. So I wanted to see how fast I could speedrun it…

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  1. Hey sam2cha how are you can you do on your shorts channel strongest pokemon

  2. Hi Sam my favorite anime is aot and then demon slayer second and I’m on part 5 of jojos and i love it!

  3. Ayyy this was the video I recommend!! Ohhh and you saw me on the video! Tysm!

  4. Hey Sambucha is ur real name Sam or what. I have always been wondering

  5. Damn how the heck can you move your mouse so fast

  6. I remember playing this in computer science class in high-school. Brings back memories

  7. I remember struggling to beat this with my friends in school. I'm genuinely impressed.

  8. Not trying to say ur lying but i just searched up imbossible quiz speedrun and saw a video made befor yours and it said the exact same time and exact same name “_ryan_”

  9. If you wanna play a horror game. Then try welcome to the game 2. Super fun game

  10. Bro your video was in my recomended and im not mad +1 sub for sure

  11. Why are the best YouTubers make either short videos or upload like once a month

  12. Wtf did I just watch?😳😳🤯🤯

  13. Are u ever planning on streaming on twitch or even on YouTube? Would love to tune in to some lives

  14. The wr is actually owned by my friend jagame. His channel is linked in mine if you wanna see it. Go watch it if you have the time hes really proud of what he did

  15. Sam: ''By far the most commonly requested game on this channel has been the impossible quiz''
    Also Sam: Shows two comments by the same person asking him to play the impossible quiz.

  16. Is he reading the questions at all or he really remembers all the answers? It's really crazy..

  17. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  18. What do you play on id appreciate it if you responded

  19. in 2019 i was in 6th grade and used to speedrun this game and i got under 5 minutes and i was 29th in the world

  20. Iam right know 8 years old and i have made it to question 42

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