The Impossible Quiz iPhone Walkthrough -

The Impossible Quiz iPhone Walkthrough

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This is just a quick walkthrough of The Impossible Quiz for the iPhone and iPod Touch


  1. How much time did you spend playing the impossible quiz cumulatively between both the PC and iPhone versions? I just got tired of the trial and error making me start all over each time. Thanks though. It's fun to show someone how you can breeze through it and see how well they do next.

  2. On the 105 I just tap kiwi and it's correct 😛

  3. that helped sooooooooooooooo much! thanks!!!

  4. I personally know the son of the technical director for this game so while his dad was working on this game he was telling me all the answers lol

  5. Nothing Had Changed From That Except For Question 88, It Dosen't Show The Scene Of Sonic Breaks His Neak If You Like Sonic The Hedgehog,
    Question 88 Saids What Are Rats? The Awsener Is Vermin

  6. Also In Question 46 Was This Question In The Orangel Impossible Quiz
    The Awsener Is Nope

  7. I Got 84 on my first try without watching This vid or practice

  8. What do u do on when the astriod is on stage

  9. Thanks now i can do this quiz in one try like every time!

  10. @EssVinnie Se tiver jogando no IPhone vc tem que segurar o dedo na tela
    Se vc tiver jogando no PC msm vc tem que tirar o mause no jogo

  11. 110 IS YOUR worst nightmare! Use all your skips to win!!

  12. #34 ? you just let the elephants walk? doesnt work on my ipod? what to do?

  13. You click somewhere near the left and wait until the next question pops up

  14. Autumn Rose you hold your finger on the screen on 34

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