The Impossible Quiz in Record time 2! -

The Impossible Quiz in Record time 2!

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The video is in real time. I beat my record for the other video a day after i uploaded the previous vid. Until now i have been to lazy to upload this one but here it is.


  1. When r u gonna make a vid for completeing the impossible quiz 2?

  2. what is up with 04:14? you went from 3 lives to 2?

  3. lol looks like the impossible quiz is no longer so impossible

  4. dont not worth it wait dang the latest comment was 10months!

  5. and whats up with 04:04? you just skipped from 103 to 105. dude seriously, if you're gonna do it, do it legit. don't be editing it to look better.

  6. i hate how questions 90-110 take up half the time

  7. i did until i figured out where the numbers are

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