THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ IN GEOMETRY DASH [Walkthrough + Explanation] -


GD Colon
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This took MONTHS to make. Well actually, I ditched it for like half a year sooo
Faster walkthrough:


Song: Marching Anthem by Pervok

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  1. "my levels never get rated" – colon level gets rated

  2. For the ReTraY question:
    4454124 is Sonar by JerkRat
    6508283 is ReTraY by DiMaViKuLov26
    21448270 is Hop by haoN
    4284013 is Nine Circles by Zobros

  3. 7:43

    Question: What’s ligma

    Top left: lick my balls
    Top right: oh no
    Bottom left: beats me
    Bottom right: please stop

  4. 4454123 is Sonar by Jerkrat
    6508283 is ReTraY by DiMaViKuLov26
    21448270 is Hop by haoN
    4284013 is Nine Circles by Zobros

  5. 2:53 I took it very literally as in there are 0 demons in the game. Like 0 actual demons

  6. 1: Easy
    2: Easy
    3: Medium
    4: Easy
    5: Easy
    6: Easy
    7: Somewhat easy
    8: Easy
    9: Very easy
    10: Easy
    11: Medium
    12: Easy
    13: Medium
    14: Medium
    15: Medium
    16: Easy
    17: Medium
    18: Medium
    19: Easy
    20: Easy
    21: Easy
    22: Medium
    23: Easy
    24: Hard
    25: Medium
    26: Medium
    27: Somewhat hard
    28: Easy
    29: Easy
    30: Hard

  7. the titles of those auto generated captions were great. Ah yes (this ah yes thing is getting quite old), my favorite level of Ceometry Dash, PolarCeist. lol.

  8. 4:00

    4454123: Sonar by Jerkrat

    4284013: Nine Circles by Zobros

    21448270: Hop by Haon

    6508283: Retray by Dimavikulov

  9. The fact he made an anti-cheater system blows my mind lol

  10. 7:58 the other answers are :
    2nd : oh no
    3rd : beats me
    4th : please stop

  11. Blue red blue yellow

    that wasn’t me that was the video description

  12. For question 18
    Top left: lick my balls
    Top right: oh no
    Bottom left: beats me
    Bottom right: please stop

  13. im only watching the full vid cus idk the last question lol

  14. the timer for charge your laser is 10 seconds and i hit 11 cps yet i still cant pass it can u fix that please?

  15. "My levels never get rated" Bounce Ball Thingy: am I a joke to you?

  16. How many "blank" in the icon kit

    Cubes: 131 (140 including meltdown/world icons and 146 including subzero icons)
    Ships: 51
    Balls: 43
    Ufos: 35
    Waves: 35
    Robots: 26
    Spiders: 17
    Trails: 7
    Death effects: 17

  17. If you think gd is dead you clearly haven't seen the 2.2 sneak peak robtop released in August which proves he's still working on 2.2

  18. If you want to make the quiz longer use a song from the travel series.

  19. I think I can spot some references here hmm
    Question 1 is a reference to Q1 in TIQB where the original question was "How do you start an Impossible Quiz?" Note: one of its options, "Painfully" is one of the options here as well
    Question 5 is one of those "what is this?" questions throughout the series
    Question 10 is a reference to Q49 in TIQ1, where the original question asked the creator's name correct spelling (Splapp-me-do)
    Question 13 has one of the option that reads "Type "Dash"" which may be a reference to Q43 in TIQB where it asks you to type "cast"
    Question 15 has the pop-up text saying "Nice try :)" when aiming at the word "Largest" is a reference to Q65 in TIQ where the correct answer is to click the word "Largest"
    Question 18 might be a reference to Q45 in TIQ where the questions and answers are instead written in windings
    Question 24 is obviously a reference to Q59 in TIQ
    Question 26 might be a reference to Q82 in TIQ2, where in the original you have to wait till the bomb counted to 3 and then select the "Obvious" option
    Question 27 might be a reference to Q14 in TIQB where it showed what you need to press on and you had to do it quicly enough. Here you have to find the counter for the thing.
    Question 29 is a reference to Q74 in TIQ where it asked "How many questions does this quiz have?"

  20. Hi like this but in the time stamps it gos cd not gd so ya that’s all

  21. 6:27 Alternative Clue:
    Basically, the two original songs (Nock 'Em and Power Trip) are available on Newgrounds except for the Press Start one so
    Clue: Only two Subzero levels have these available songs on NG.

  22. I thought 11 said “how many portals are in geometry dash” and I still got it right

  23. "How many fonts are over there?"

    2.2 new players: PANIK

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