The impossible quiz in almost record time! -

The impossible quiz in almost record time!

Brendan Brooks
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THe impossible quiz in almost record time! The impossible quiz my personal best. Please comment!
You play it at

or without music to add in your own


  1. lol dog trainer do you jyst look through all my vids your the only one commenting!

  2. the first song in the game is the Rocky Theme. I dunno what the second one is. People told me it's the Lalala song but my search didn't hold up. Actually, can anyone tell me what's the name of the 2nd theme music in the background?

  3. In the space level: star wars cantina song
    In the epic 10: pump it by black eyed peas

  4. lol, I'm complimented that you thought so =) But also realise that all the Music wasnt speeding up and stuff, I hope thats enough proof..

  5. post a video response and show the world.

  6. Dude thats more work then just going fast on the quiz!!!!

  7. he didnt speed the vid up in my mind coz the animations on the quiz are still the same speed

  8. The skips all fall in time, bombs are on time, question animations all one time, theres no way in hell to speed this vid up without mistakes being very recognisable.

  9. Man i forgot about this….this was so long ago. I wish I could still go that fast 🙁

  10. can you somehow find the music from question 84 or 92 somewhere? .__. its kinda catchy xD

  11. Oh my Gosh you are AMAZING!! I take like 10 minutes thinking about 1 question. 🙂

  12. @Jensettiman Its the rocky theme song. Not sure what version though.

  13. Whoa! I worship u!!!!

    You had the answers, right?

  14. they should add this game to 'who wants to be a millionaire?'

  15. This game is all about memory. I haven't had time to play past question 70 but I can click the right answer to each in under 5 seconds

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