The impossible quiz in 4m 07s 160ms (Former WR) -

The impossible quiz in 4m 07s 160ms (Former WR)

mini danger
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I DONT CARE THAT IT IS RED because of me being dumb (like usual) i forgot to record (agian) so even though it says that i didnt beat my time. I acturally did. I might come back if pianodude beats this time but tbh this is truly amazing to see. This will be the end of my imossible quiz 100% for now and i might do the catergory extensions so i can get the WR on them.
Thx for the support as always.
P.s if this video gets 1000 views then i will keep going 🙂


  1. pllsss download link all the webiste verions dont work on the last couple levels

  2. During the road one you can hear keep breathing and that is good advice so keep breathing

  3. Wonder how many tries that took! Awesome job

  4. All the websites are broken now haha where did you get a download for this?

  5. Me tryna do homework so I can log on with the boys:

  6. Boo you suck you cheater. probably have no friends lol

  7. How did you even manage this 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Nice WR, Run about this game are insane.

  9. How do you download the impossible quiz on a flashplayer? because there some features that don't work on the site version

  10. You could never guess what speedrunning YouTube’s im here from 😉

  11. This guy's mouse was here then here

    then here

    then here
    then here
    and sometimes here

  12. there's gd in the taskbar
    dude is probably cracked based on his click speed

  13. Man if it was only the quick questions you would have 1 minute.

  14. Holy fucking what- it took me this long to figure out the first question

  15. This is your "sent from EasySpeezy" ticket here

  16. My brain cant comprehend the speed ur moving at

  17. this isnt the wr anymore so check out my channel the see the WR

  18. me when the teacher is collecting homework:

  19. bro why were you saying keep breathing, bro had an asthma attack 💀💀

  20. Chrises biggest fan and it’s me muscle says:

    This is a world record

  21. My man is still using Adope flash player, respect.

  22. Insane run, no one can do like this

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