The Impossible Quiz in 3:22 -

The Impossible Quiz in 3:22

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The Impossible Quiz, beaten fast using a macro (automated sequence of mouse controls, delays and pixel checking).

There’s no cutting, fastforwarding or anything, the only “cheating” here is the macro (like a tool-assisted run in a way). I just thought about doing this after a few dozen legit tries at it for some reason …

This actually took a while to do (I started this about 4-5 days ago), mostly at the end when I had to sit through all the questions and unskippable delays for 2-3 minutes over and over again for each change …

I’ve also gotten 3:20 (instead of 3:22 here) without screen recorder lag, as shown at the start.


  1. doctor: you have 3 minutes to live


  2. Wtf is tas I'm confused with these comments sorry

  3. 0:05 put it on 2x speed and its like there's no first question.

  4. 0:36 put it on 2x speed and its like he skipped 2 questions.

  5. I wonder what's the content uploader doing right now after all this years.

  6. me doing my homework while my teacher is collecting it

  7. on question 92 the macro had to stop clicking the last person until the bomb appeared because if you click all of it before the bomb appeared it will explode when mars is singing

  8. Probably wouldn’t have caused so much anger and confusion in the comments if you just put TAS in the title

  9. There are more people talking about people talking about people who dont get its a tas, then actuall people who don't know its a tas, and the people correcting them

  10. This guy be like: STOP STOP ITS NOT MEANT TO BE LIKE THI-
    Autoclicker: I'ma ruin this guy's whole career

  11. Could u improve this time by strategically using skips

  12. He just have good gaming chair ,
    That's it /-

  13. Plot twist: he’s using an auto clicker

  14. Bru when it’s Sunday night at 12:47 am and you still have 4 homework assignments due tomorrow.

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