The Impossible Quiz - GYPSIES?! -

The Impossible Quiz – GYPSIES?!

Cody Crouch
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  1. Man u r so different in ur channels and this is so good. In iTwe4kz u give all the information we need and here u r so funny man, congrats bro XD

  2. the trick is to pick the one that is the craziest.  thats at least how i completed it. 🙂 ur gaming channel is hilarious. keep up the great work!

  3. You should play " Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc " on ios it's pretty awesome with headphones on 😉


  5. You Should play iron pants on the I phone or I pad and try to make it pass like 10

  6. hey man, i love your videos !  i would really appreciate it if you checked out some of my videos, i play happy wheels, and some amnesia. it would really mean a lot, Thanks!

  7. You should play Dumb Ways To Die on any iOS device! It gets very fast and hard (sounds horrible) and it will definitely make you rage! I love your vids keep it up!

  8. You should definitely play more. It's hilarious!

  9. Awesome friken video your so funny!!! Why don't you have more subscribers dude! Your way better than most of the others out there!!

  10. Hey dude umm your probably gonna ignore me but can you please add me on Gamecenter I know it's annoying but please bro

  11. Hey itwe4kz can you please give me the link to this quiz

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