The Impossible Quiz Full Gameplay Walkthrough -

The Impossible Quiz Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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Watch the full walkthrough for The Impossible Quiz, play it here:


  1. oh my gosh i spent HOURS late at night on this game back when it first came out on NG, THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me the ending!!

  2. I got to 91 but when i looked back at the video i was being timed and i died so i just gave up ;_;

  3. I never even got passes level 50 on this quiz. XD LIke if your the same!

  4. 8:32 funny thing is almost made me cry becuz of the cheering;-;

  5. That final question… first time I got there, I nearly pitched my computer out the window.

  6. I lost at the question 82 cuz my mouse was slow

  7. So nostalgic (๑>◡<๑)♡

    My favorite/favourite part has always been the main menu theme song

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