The Impossible quiz fan quiz -

The Impossible quiz fan quiz

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1. 20
2. triúr = τρία. triúr in greek means 3 and so does triúr which is Irish
3. The music lyrics of The Chordettes – “Mr Sandman” (Live 1958)
4. The word “unusual”
5. The i in the word circle
6. By Fighting it. It’s a Pokemon reference since fighting type can beat dark type
7. Litten Secretory because if you translate “No es un libro” it means it’s not a book
8. Brownie (Brown-Knee)
9. Water beats fire. Click the water dragon.
10. Click the color square continuously until you’re done
11. Steve
12. All of them are correct. This is the best safest question
13. Puffin browser. It’s Wicked Fast!
14. Click on Waldo the red and white striped
15. Whole grain oats (Life cereal)
16. Click on the question number “16”
17. Kim jong un loved the Chicago bulls
18. Blnd Mole since the Mole has no “i” or “eyes”
19. On the rocks under Diglett
20. Top left answer. “That one”
21. Keep clicking until the dragon is defeated
22. When it Explodes.
23. Avocado. The clapping game is known as “Avocado”
24. How about all of them
25. Top right corner hidden
26. The number meaning the meaning of life is 42.
27. Were gonna rock around the clock tonight. The next music lyrics by the song Bill Haley rock around the clock lyrics
28. Click the dizzy and disoriented emoji.
29. Red Pill.
30. 3479. The code was from question 10


  1. The reference to hitch hikers guide… The meaning of life…? 42. LOL

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