The Impossible Quiz: Fail Equals Pain (Part 2) -

The Impossible Quiz: Fail Equals Pain (Part 2)

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You guys were so eager for me to continue The Impossible Quiz! Do you really like seeing me fail that much? I will finish this, no matter what the cost to my taste and digestive systems!

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  1. Technically when he says condiments are great on anything but by themselves,

    The whole time they were all technically on a spoon so he can't really say that unless he squirted them directly into his mouth

  2. this is just making me mad at her lol

  3. i wasn't sure about the sugar, sugar question because the song says both "sugar. oh, honey, honey," AND "honey. oh, sugar, sugar" XD

  4. 33:54. Come on, Mat. Did you really just forget how Right-Click works? Yes, the 'bridge' technique works on the one before, because the 'bridge' only remembers where your mouse clicked, not where it has moved since.

  5. question 89: its blindness because dogs can't see right when or before their born…

  6. The only thing to ever break Matthew Patrick: FNAF timelines, Mario’s height, and wasabi

  7. They seem so happy at this point and it really nice

  8. 1:00:07 This is where everyone, including MatPat realizes the amount of stress that is occurring through these bombs. Back, to back, to back, (I believe) to back bombs.

  9. Gooseberries are so good! There's a patch of them in the backyard of my house (the plants are very spiky).

  10. Gooseberries are delicious 😋 it's childhood memories and in Poland every garden have a gooseberries bush. We make pies with it or eat it only with sugar.

  11. 13:22 I can hear catpat purring so adorable Edit: or maybe it's the game I am stupid 🤦‍♂️

  12. Watching a LOT of gt live during quarentine. I hate being sick but love watching youtube all day

  13. Any other fellow UK peeps notice that they sometimes pronounced Worcestershire right and wrong at various points for no discernable reason? Just an observation ☕🇬🇧

  14. 53:06 And with that, a tiny bit of my faith in humanity was restored.

    Seriously, though, this was really sweet and wholesome and I'm unironically so proud of this community.

  15. MatPat has evolved into…. MADPAT

  16. I haven't watched this in years, but I can't believe I never picked up on the Michael Jackson pedophile joke before in the game

  17. There was a mobile game version that had checkpoints but every time you came back you would get insulted even more.

  18. A. Most American store-bought wasabi is green horseradish.
    B. The WORST way to eat a spoonful of something nasty is smelling it and letting it hang in your mouth for any time. Hold your breath and swallow it asap before your brain has time to register a gag reflex. Mattpat literally is taking his medicine in the worst way possible.
    Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  19. The casual references to toenails throughout this stream is…wild and disarming every time

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