The Impossible Quiz: Fail Equals Pain (Part 2) -

The Impossible Quiz: Fail Equals Pain (Part 2)

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You guys were so eager for me to continue The Impossible Quiz! Do you really like seeing me fail that much? I will finish this, no matter what the cost to my taste and digestive systems!

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  1. i did notttttt need the education on worsterchier sauce

  2. Wasabi is actually a thoughtful pairing with sushi. It has qualities that settle the stomach after eating a raw fish. It also fights infections and bacteria, so helps keep eating the raw fish less risky (I still feel bad about living in the midwest because I want to enjoy that aspect safely).

  3. Can't believe mat hadn't drunk vanilla extract before i thought we'd all made that mistake lol

  4. Me: Who is your arch nemesis.
    MatPat: TOENAILS.

  5. I have that exact mouse that MatPat is using

  6. I know this is years ago but:

    There are three (word) characters after "December" in "December 2nd"

    The second of those three characters is "n"

  7. National dyslexic association could be a thing although I wouldn’t know it would make sense if they called them selves DNA because national will be in dyslexic it would be Di and association would be a

  8. Worcestershire sauce tastes like if soy sauce was made by Cowboys in the early 20th century

  9. Why bother do the quiz just watch the walkthrough.

  10. I just realized this was released 5 years ago!

  11. We should just take a second and see how pretty Stephanie looks

  12. 16:18 they are just saying satan over and over again and nothing else what are they doing?

  13. This video is litteraly matpat throwing fits about toenails while Steph comforts him with spoon fulls of condiments. Perfection

  14. Me: being ashamed of myself eating jelly by itself

  15. Mix the mustard with Mayo and it taste pretty good

  16. Vanilla abstract is really bad for you
    Me: eating something vanilla watching this

  17. “Maybe Twitter has all the answers” did NOT age well

  18. who else loves seeing Mattpatt in pain. 🤣

  19. Why would two things have three holes combined you can’t have half a hole

  20. I never got the Michael Jackson nonce joke till now.

  21. After many attempts I got to the shooting start part, but I feel no inclination to continue from there. The toenails took me 4 tries, and it will only get harder

  22. She's a h** for saying well you clipped eight.

  23. Steph: "your face says this is delicious can I have another"
    Later that night

  24. The second half of the game has bombs on almost every single question

  25. I remember baking with my dad the first time I had vanilla extract. My dad warned me but I did not listen. My mistake

  26. Do you have a screen in front of you? Cus you don’t look like you’re looking at your computer…

  27. so annoying how much they looked for the chat for help

  28. I needed the virtual hug from MatPat! I wish I could meet him in person! He's my favorite youtuber!

  29. "Do NOT EAT the free pistachio ice cream. IT HAS TURNED."

  30. "by the power of diet coke, I will conquer the toe nails !!"-mat pat 2015

  31. When the game calls Michael Jackson a nonce (pedo) on q 90 and it didn’t compute with them, I had a small chuckle

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