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More impossible quiz and this time failing tastes GOOD!!!

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  1. 3:13 when Taste read the 3rd option. We both said “what?” the exact same time and the exact same tone XD

  2. taste, i'm thinking about starting my channel with games. what do you recommend (as in editing programs etc.)?

    also, would you mind playing my: love you granddaddy mode for fnaf 2 ( in honour of my grandfather that will die soon)? it goes like this:

    old freddy: 20
    old bonnie: 20
    old chica: 20
    foxy: 5
    bb: 0
    toy freddy: 5
    toy bonnie: 10
    toy chica: 15
    mangle: 0
    golden freddy: 20

  3. Taste, I have an idea for a good game series to play! I don't know what the series is mainly called, but it's consisting of five games: Breaking the bank, Escaping the prison, Stealing the diamond, Infiltrating the airship and Fleeing the complex! Look them up, I promise you'll love these games, and play them in the order I put them!

  4. love it taste what are you gonna drink next

  5. You can hold down the mouse button on that space game to become invincible.

  6. This is a funny series xD gives me the laughs all the time!

  7. I've been subscribed ever since you've done the golden freddy challenge on FNAF 2, and thats been over a year! Love ya taste 🙂 keep up the good work dude

  8. Ah come on Taste, that's not a real punishment, go back to good ol' kale lol!!!!! Nice video though.

  9. Taste Tastes something GOOD!Get it…… no ok 😭😢😂

  10. Before I watch the video I bet you wanted to fail for drinking it

  11. Q68: This is Chris, the series mascot, based on Splapp-Me-Do's real life cat. He will appear several times in the future Impossible Quiz series.

    Q70: The question isn't asking how the dog detects scent but how "the dog smells". As in: The dog is smelly. How? It's anus smells.

    Q79: The answer is a horseshoe. The U looks like a horseshoe (it's the only one in the entire question) and thus is the right one.

    Q80: In 2007 when the quiz was made Romania had one of the highest rates of Hepatitis and Cirrhosis in the world. The illegal organ market for livers was booming in the area due to corrupt police and poor enforcement as a result.

    Q83: DNA does indeed stand for Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid but that is not what Splapp-Me-Do was making fun of. DNA is a rearranging of NDA which is the abbreviation of the National Dyslexia Association. Shortly after making the game public he got complaints about the joke from players for making fun of dyslexic people and admitted he made it in poor taste. So he apologized and axed the question for the mobile app version in favor of "How many Surrealists does it take to screw in a light-bulb?" to which the answers are "This is not a question", "I am an impressionist", "17.5", and "Fish". Since Surrealism is an art style incorporating nonsensical, absurd, or random elements into its art the answer is "fish".

    Q84: Splapp-Me-Do admits this was one of his favorite questions to program. It was inspired by Star Wars Episode V when Han, Leia, and Chewbacca flew into an asteroid field to avoid the empire pursuing them.

    Q86: The Prince is the name of the main character of the video game Katamari Damacy. The Prince is the son of the great god of the universe named "The King of All Cosmos" and is tasked by his father to create new stars for the universe. The Prince does this by rolling up matter of all shapes and sizes upon a sticky plastic ball named a Katamari that the King throws into the sky and breathes life into, making it a star. The Prince's attire is a light green tunic the extends all the way to his knees. Thus the prince is green and has sticky balls.

    Also Slippy (not Slippery but Slippy) Toad is a character from the Nintendo game series Starfox. He is the mechanical engineer of the titular team and long time friend of the main character Fox McCloud. Yes, he is indeed an anthropomorphic toad.

  12. hey taste im a friend of kittenssx5923 can u sub to me plz

  13. On Q 84, you could've held down the left click so meteors could just pass through your mouse… then released it in time for each skip and the star. It's SO much easier that way :3

  14. Great video, don't know how you had the patience to get that far!
    Me & my girlfriend just uploaded the same video, would be cool if you checked it out 😀

  15. Do fail and drink soda with water with milk And put salt and sugar

  16. About the next impossible quiz, drink a chocolate mixed with vanilla and strawberry.

  17. it the prince because the movie princess and the frog

  18. my God your about loose but your man good job your cool man

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