The Impossible Quiz: DON'T TOUCH BLUE -

The Impossible Quiz: DON’T TOUCH BLUE

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  1. I was playing the impossible quiz while watching and I was like u idiot it's 17

  2. Yeah I tried that and it still lost me a life FUKKKKKK

  3. i can't stand listening to this fake bs he's clearly faking everything

  4. i know he sucks soooooooooooooooooo bad i only clicked on this to get the answer and i tried that and it failed and theres no way hes to smart for a game if he went against dirt in a smart test hed lose even that this game was easy he just sucks more than a moskito

  5. guys i figuired out how to pass level five just make ur screen small and do wut he did but better which is easy

  6. IS HE DUMB oh my..I'm getting so frustrated listening to this tf

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