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The Impossible Quiz Demo Walkthrough

Shadow Bummer
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I was going to upload the Impossible Quiz 2 before this, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


  1. 0:43 that is from Henry stickman infiltrating the airship and the Henry stickmin the collection

  2. These questions can appear in the impossible quiz 2

  3. Bir dağ sıçanı odun fırlatabilirse, bir dağ sıçanı ne kadar odun fırlatabilir?

  4. I was actually kinda bored playing this, albeit a bit frustrated when I got a question wrong. The full game is way more fun and witty…and a hundred times more frustrating at the same time. XD

  5. Some of those must have been unused in the full game.

  6. I understand the arrow to the knee joke in the description og humour

  7. Yeah..and the full version was extreme madness 🤣🤣🤣

  8. quiz 14 is fake, success is real spelling, that game is full of trash, or they stupid as a dumb guy so they make fake one

  9. quiz 15 is fake too, i clicked the small dot and it still wrong

  10. 1. Four (holes in "a Polo", or Polo shirts)

    2. No, but a tin can (word play: a "match (can't) box", but a "tin can")

    3. Egg mayonnaise (according to Splapp, it tastes like cardboard)

    4. K.O (answer the backwards question by saying "O.K." backwards)

    5. Shallots (smaller onions)

    6. F'taang! (the sound a bell makes, written down)

    7. No, about 20 cm off the ground ("Shanghai?", as in "she hang/hung high?")

    8. Click the nipple to the right ("Click the right nipple")

    9. Eleven (The only normal number)

    10. No ("Press 'Yes' to exit", but pressing 'Yes' makes you lose)

    11. Click on Waldo (Wally), in the middle of the screen

    12. Christ (probably a reference to the Communion Wafer)

    13. B (It stands for the word "before")

    14. Sucksess (that's what it sounds like, in any case)

    15. The dot over 'i' (it's the smallest dot on screen)

    16. Minstrels (probably a reference to "The Black and White Minstrel Show")

    17. Follow the path of the maze or open the right click-menu (or hold the left mouse button) to safely cross through it

    18. Knit one, pearl one, drop one, curl one (lyrics of "Vindaloo", an English football song for the 1998 World Cup)

    19. Type PENCIL on the on-screen keyboard (you were given a picture of a pencil)

    20. Mary rose (Mary Rose sat on a pin, so she immediately got up, therefore she "rose")

    21. 8 (letters in "sentence")

    22. Find the tick, located somewhere around the bottom-right corner.

    23. Psychedelic boogie child (it's actually called "filtrum", but "Psychedelic Boogie Child" is the name of a song featured in the game "Boombots")

    24. A torch (you can use it to turn a bucket into a lighter)

    25. Fat bloke (stereotypical portrait of America)

    26. Convict (apparently refers to the large number of convicts in Britain that were deported to Australia around late 18th century)

    27. Spangulated Codknacker (the name of the character drawn to the right of the options)

    28. You run, you run so far away (reference to the song "I Ran (So Far Away)", by A Flock of Seagulls)

    29. Bran (you have to name a file in order to save your changes)

    30. Teeth (you're told to "Choose food", but in reality you're looking for what "chews food")

  11. 31. The task reads "Hover, click, hover, hover, click, click", and there's a six-button panel underneath. The answer to this question is to only click the buttons indicated by the order in the task: the second, fifth and sixth buttons, going left to right.

    32. The task reads "Which axolotl is distressed?" and there are 4 axolotls underneath, one of them with big green eyes and a gaping mouth. The answer to this question is the fourth one (the stressed one).

    33. Question 37 in The Impossible Quiz ("Can you get this question wrong?"), but instead of four buttons, there was only one big button saying "NO!" beneath it. The answer to this question is obviously to click "NO!".

    34. Question 26 in The Impossible Quiz ("Which of these places doesn't exist?"), although Wetwang and Flangeworth were possible options that would later be removed, and Arsefacey was not yet added as the final answer. The answer to this question is "Flangeworth", since Wetwang is an actual place in England.

    35. Question 28 in The Impossible Quiz ("What is this?!"). The options are the same, and the answer is still "Abundance".

    36. Question 19 in The Impossible Quiz ("Colour in the correct order…"). The question is exactly the same as the one from TIQ.

    37. There's 2 possible questions:

    This question didn't make it into any of the original quizzes. The task reads "Terry has dandruff. But where does he go shopping?". Hovering the mouse over "has dandruff" makes the answer "Asda" (also a market) appear. Splapp stated that "this is an early version of Question 51 in Impossible Quiz 2".
    Similar to Question 50 in The Impossible Quiz ("Remember…"), with a drawing of an odd small creature. The answer is obviously "OK then".
    38. An early version of Question 24 in The Impossible Quiz. Here, hovering your mouse over the circles on the bottom of the screen would make letters appear on screen, forming the sentence "Click the top left hand corner".

    39. Question 36 in The Impossible Quiz ("What do you call a wingless fly?"). The options are different, but the answer is still "A walk".

    40. Objects would quickly flash on the screen, then the question would appear: "Which object appeared twice?", with the options being "Pen", "Cloud", "Microphone" and "Egg". According to Splapp, the answer is "Pen".

  12. This is the very first impossible quiz!

  13. I totally passed The Impossible Quiz Demo when I first played it, so everything's fine.
    My grade: A +

  14. the only impossible quiz where you can use a TAB key

  15. Find 3


  16. Find '

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