The Impossible Quiz Demo - All Game Over Messages -

The Impossible Quiz Demo – All Game Over Messages

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For some reason – when you get a game over on question 30, the whole screen goes white, briefly, then goes back to the main menu of the game.


  1. 1. You appear to be a r*tard…2. You are S*ite!3. You are crap!4. Pfft… Pathetic!5. Booo!! Rubbish!!6. Not very good, methinks!7. T*t-for-brains.8. That is very poor.9. That's poor.10. Oooh, double figures!11. Legs Eleven?! Egad!12. That's a dozen, if you're a baker.13. Unlucky for you, you t*at.14. Not bad, but not good either.15. You utter s*ank! Not bad!16. Froon!17. Blue Toucher!18. You cheesemonger!19. Can't you spell?20. You're a pain in the a*se.21. Can't you count?!22. You didn't look hard enough!23. A below average attempt!24. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!25. Painfully average!26. Tie me kangaroo down, sport.27. You corrugated walnut!28. A flabtacular attempt.29. Not bad at all!

  2. You touch grassYou reach question 17WHY DONT YOU GO OUT AND TOUCH SOME GRASS?


    You know what fuck off


  4. Fun fact!If you fail in the dont touch blue oneInstead of incorrect! Its says you touched blue!

  5. Why I didnt include question 30 in mine

  6. Getting a Game Over at Q30 you go back to the title screen resulting in a bad ending

    You reached Question 17
    Dog Toucher!

  8. Thank you very much, i appear to be such a nerd i am interested in all of "The Impossible Quiz Demo" game over messages. Way to go, way to go.

    You reached Question 30
    You WERE Close.

  10. Impossible Quiz Demo/Beta: not scary
    Impossible Quiz Original: scary

  11. The music here was reused for The Impossible Quiz 2.

  12. Wrong 1 – 16
    Touched Blue 17
    Wrong Place 19 to 30

  13. Bravo 👏 you lost on exactly 30 questions! The world record might be the impossible quiz book one.. (150 questions) but who knows? Anyways imma keep talking. Hello reader! Would you like to hear a super cool fun story? Yes? Okay cool. Anyways the story starts with someone named “Chris” Chris is a cat that only has 5 lives (canon or fanon (not canon) However Chris finally comes to an end. If you see him. Click him five times. He would disappear to be lost forever. (THIS IS FAKE!) Anyways, if Chris goes alway after 10 seconds. You lose one life. Deal? Okay start..
    (The player clicks Chris 5 times) Good! Now let’s to a harder one..
    If you take 2 and add 1 how much is that?
    Your options are:
    “I didn’t go to school”
    (Player clicks 3) Wrong! It’s the 3 in your lives!
    Player: phew.. anyways that was hard, can I go?
    Yes you can! Thank you for joining my quiz!

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