The Impossible Quiz Cheat% Speedrun in 1:50.77 [WR] -

The Impossible Quiz Cheat% Speedrun in 1:50.77 [WR]

Che & Mar Ilo Gaming
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I can click almost twice as fast on a laptop than on a computer now, lol. ALMOST. I’m on computer. Well anyway, a new world record set and almost Sub 1:50 achieved. The bad news is my leg hurts real bad D:

I wonder if Sub 1:30 is possible lol. More players will enter this competition.
MORE tricks:

59. Lucky for you if you have a touch screen computer.
How to click so fast on computer? Use more than one finger. That way you can alternate between fingers and surpass your finger speed. idk how I could click so fast on laptop with one finger.
This is the hacked version.


  1. You’re only using skips next time use clicking (skipping doesn’t count)

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  3. I had to dislike to help keep the balance between likes and dislikes, nothing personal I promise

  4. This man is using skips it’s suppose to disappear isn’t it?

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