The Impossible Quiz Challenge! -

The Impossible Quiz Challenge!

Fail Time!
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What’s up Fail Fam! In today’s video, REKT tries to beat the Impossible Quiz and get the farthest. Watch till the end to see who fails and who made it the farthest! Play along and let us know in the comments down below how far you got before “phoning a friend!” We don’t count that as cheating..right?

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  1. guys look 9 it is that that that this and the arow is not on this one

  2. What happened to this channel? Where are any new episodes? Bring back, it’s very funny.

  3. I got until question 82 at school but it is a toe nail one and I can’t cut the toe nails in time

  4. How unfair. I can’t even get past the “DONT GO ON BLUE” part

  5. it can also be “a polo” which is 4 because of the a y’all smart lol

  6. The lady at the beginning for the first question, it’s not a polo shirt it’s ‘a polo’ there’s four

  7. As a person that plays the impossible sometimes I cringed in this video

  8. why is no one talking about Tanner saying "smart a**"?

  9. Gunner even if u got to the end the end you have to all the skips

  10. Gunner won the dumest challege

  11. How many holes in a polo? This can a bit similar question to the game 'stupidness 2'. Question: which one had 4 holes: answer is clothes

  12. I take this quiz all the time and its really fun and got really easy after I did it a lot.

  13. i was abale to complete the quiz before watching thids video

  14. I don’t know if I didn’t he him right but I think Tanner cussed 9:15

  15. I knew the first question the first time i played it because i went to a private school and had to wear those friggin things

  16. gunner: i am pretty smart
    team edge: ya but you won the dumbest games?

  17. I played this right after I watched it and I reached 50

  18. I love how tanner always acts so awesome then immediately does something that completely contradicts his self proclaimed “awesomeness”

  19. "i am smart" -gunner. may I remind you gunner, that you were the one who won the dumbness games?

  20. "The first one was…"
    "How many shirts in a polo"
    Wait wut…

  21. Gunner- I'm pretty dang smart.
    Me- didn't you lose the team egde dumbness games.

  22. Me: sees thomb nail.

    Me 2 seconds later: gunner

  23. Gunner:I think I’m going to get the farthest because I’m the smartest
    Team Edge dumbness test: are you sure about that

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