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The Impossible Quiz a flash game made for the sole purpose of making you rage. If you want to see me complete the game and get the ending, I will do so, but damn, so much rage, and so much pain ;(

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  1. dear eric,
        you need all of your skips to beat the game.
    if you use any of your skips, you will not get them back
    making you unable to beat the game.
    save yourself, eric.

  2. Eric u should play geometry dash again…. u should play another demon level

  3. You need the skips for the last question so don't waste them…On the duck is the afro, and for the don't touch pink one you just gotta right clkic and then you'll have a bridge…

  4. I almost fell over cause how much you made me laugh lol mogegege

  5. Eric!!! you're brighter than Einstein!!! <3 XD

  6. DUDE, BE SURE TO SAVE ALL THE SKIP BUTTONS, OR YOU'LL WANT TO DIE (in real life, of course), BECAUSE THIS GAME IS A REALLY BIG TROLL. There's 110 questions, by the way. 😛

  7. There is a hundred and ten question but q110 it will need your skip , ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I've tested question 37…. all the answers are correct. SO YOU CAN'T GET THE QUESTION WRONG! haha

  9. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow
    a. Meow.
    b. Meow. Meow.
    c. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow
    d. Meow. Meow. Meow.

  10. This game pours you with random knowledge that one one freakin needs!

  11. 10:57 actually it's not done by putting your mouse on the skip button you just have to put your mouse cursor off the game cause get it elephents don't like mice and the cursor is called a mouse lol

  12. dude the one where it says don't touch pink all you have to do is right click in the safe are and then put your mouse on the next question button and left click

  13. AYYYYY this was a long time ago I was subbed to you back then

  14. your eding so you like if your smartphone

  15. why was WD gaster in this by the way the symbols for wing dings

  16. try to read the bottom right answer to question 13 without laughing XD

  17. Ohh number 11 means at the end of the word second there's a n at the end get it

  18. on the blue one you can just right click and you can go over the blue 😛

  19. At 4:08 the dot next to the 12 would be the smallest. Like if you agree

  20. You cant trick the tricker EVW 2015

  21. Wait am minute! Did that last question have wingdings?!

  22. every one says after answering before it was easy but they who not answers they also says it is easy

  23. When he said he'd give up if he got the 45th question wrong he had the right answer but changed his mind LOL 13:34

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