The impossible quiz! | Bottle of lemonade answer! -

The impossible quiz! | Bottle of lemonade answer!

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The impossible quiz! | Bottle of lemonade answer!

In this episode of mobile gaming we try our luck at The impossible quiz! And soon find out that it is impossible. Come join the struggle. We do however answer the long sought question “Click the bottle with lemonade?”. That one for us in the win column.

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  1. My 9 year old did it Drag the right key to the lock

  2. Nice video man, I'd have definitely been caught out by a load of those questions. Looks like a really fun game

  3. That one with the 2 keys looked absolutely brutal. No way I'd ever figure that out, I'm useless at this kinda stuff

  4. You are suppose to drag ghe word key to he key hole

  5. For the key 1 move the word key into the key hole

  6. That lemonade one was hard but you helped me thanks

  7. You are supposed to drag the key word to the lock

  8. my green triangle wont dissappear, ive waited, shook my tablet, blew on it. is it time sensitive or am I missing something? thanks for your help. 🙂

  9. I noticed that the word key moved so I went to check on the app and you put the word key on the lock also great video

  10. you're fun, nice and smart. definitely subscribing

  11. U were suppose to drag the word key to the key hole

  12. It's so easy the key one is u just drag it

  13. The last is key you need to move the key word in the hole

  14. Trag the word key into the the key lock 🔐 .

  15. You Have To Take The Letter Key into The Lock

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