The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 -

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1

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Has Markiplier finally gained the skills and non-stupid-ness necessary to COMPLETE this QUIZ!?!
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  1. I think this game was a test for something but ended up devolving humans because they get so frustrated

  2. Why does the thumbnail looks like the corona virus?

  3. When you reset the game you where like a balloon deflating

  4. I love your caroom portrait in the begining king. I like your haircut too. Quite handsome

  5. It took me 7 years but the square route of 666 is 25.806

  6. 15:50 Why have you stopped playing that beautiful music! It's such an angelic bop! sniffs );

  7. 15:30 25.81 is the answer because 666 is considered an evil number and taking the square root of 666 gives you 25.81 when rounded to the nearest tenth

  8. 7 years ago damn, he looks like nikacado rn

  9. The square root of all evil is 25.81 because 25.82 is the square root of 666

  10. It’s not a question. “What is the best thing since sliced bread.” It is stating that what is in fact the best thing since sliced bread. 25.81 is also the square root of 666 which is supposedly the “devil’s number”.

  11. What would win in a fight, A tin can, hahaha, get it (a tin-can), that other one was a joke to: what time is my dentist appointment, 2:30 hahaha get it (tooth hurtey)

  12. Dentist appointment: two thirty = tooth hurty.
    Also, the word "what" is the best thing since sliced bread. (there was no question mark, but a full stop)

  13. I just clicked on this video for the weird koffing on the thumbnail, and mark

  14. 3:11 this question is actually set up wrong. The seventh letter IS g! I know what they're trying to do but they're incorrect because they should've put "The Alphabet" in quotes.

  15. 4:55 this question is stupid. It's "corn flakes" because of what are called "corns" that you can get on your feet. Dumb joke doesn't make any sense. I mean why not ask what a foots favorite veggie is or what they eat for dinner? At least then it actually makes sense.

  16. Honestly him not getting the penny's in a bond one is annoying me. No u because there's a u missing. A hundred pennies in a poUnd

  17. Dont watch this before sleeping, my head is going crazy rn

  18. 3:28 this is a keyboard question. press h on your keyboard

  19. if you click the unnumbered dot right after clicking dot 7, you get a skip. that's why it's green

  20. question 17 is a safe question. just press c

  21. Pussy Willow down fur line avenue brushing the sleep sleep from a young woman eyes she runs for the train see eight o'clock is coming cutting dreams down to size again.
    🎤 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  22. seven is also the drama title movie that Morgan Freeman starred in.

  23. On the day I've posted this comment, its been 7 years and 4 months since this absolutely amazing video by Markiplier was made. These videos are so amazing they are being recommended to me nearly 7 and a half years from today. This is why this channel is so great. 😀

  24. Impossible quiz logic: clicking replay to make Mark do it again.

  25. "where can you find the answer to life"
    that one super computer called deep-though made by quasi-dimensional life forms to fid the answer to life the universe and everything.

  26. On question 26, when you pressed the "don't press this button", it looks familiar… from Henry Stickmin…

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