The Impossible Quiz BOOK! - Bubble Gum Challenge! (Part 2) -

The Impossible Quiz BOOK! – Bubble Gum Challenge! (Part 2)

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Subjecting myself to more torture with The Impossible Quiz Book! And since I’m such a glutton for punishment we’re combining all FAILS with a bubblegum challenge. YAY! I’m going to hate today aren’t I?

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:


  1. Here's a thought…

    Idk if you Americans have this or something similar, but in the Philippines, we have a sour gum candy called yakee and I'd like to see Mat's face eating a heck lot of those things

  2. My grandmother likes black licorice. My friend from the Netherlands sent a tea that has the main ingredient of black licorice in it, and I didn't like it but my grandma did, so she's gonna send more for her

  3. The logic behind the what are deadly to hedgehogs is Crab Meat is the name of an enemy in the sonic games (specifically the crab robots)

  4. 2years later and they still haven’t made contenuaton

  5. That's not what an apendix looks like when it's removed XD


  7. It’s going to be Four (4) years since they stopped playing this. STILL WAITING MAT

  8. all the gum shut mat up IM JUST KIDDI-

  9. watching this made my jaw hurt. rly bad

  10. I honestly think there was not enough gum in this situation

  11. As someone with TMJ, hearing "we're going to see how much dubble bubble bubble gum Matthew can fit in his mouth" terrifies me to no end

  12. I cant imagine why this alien is breaking the laptop of playing impossible quiz…BUT A TIN CAN *if u remember me im still dead inside like the last impossible quiz 3 video..

  13. Wait did the beginning make a reference to them or am I crazy? It said press s to Skip (like their cat) and x to Jason. The quiz knows them!

  14. Anybody here in 2020- no- okay just meh then.

  15. Click Billie eilish on the one where you find the bad guy… Duh.

  16. Has anyone noticed that Stephanie has been a mom to all of us since even before she had Oliver

  17. “Why, why is it crab meat?”

    Bruh these people don’t even know the names of the enemies in Sonic games

  18. The algorithm brought me here just to be disappointed that they never finished 😔

  19. I think I'd rather eat/drink the condiments.

  20. Pretty sure this wasn't the first time mat had something "large" and "stiff" in his mouth.

  21. Little did they know that in four years they’d be eating an ACTUAL tree.

  22. i love thos things cloves are the best flavor

  23. 1:02:04 should be ethiopia tho right? cos tsega (close enough to sega) is the ethiopian word for plumber

  24. you wanna hear Unacceptable, I'm 17 and can't ride a bike, blow a bubble, or do a single push up.

  25. To answer the binary question 5 years later, 0 is 0, 1 is 1, 10 is 2, 11 is 3, 100 is 4, etc etc. So, 10000 is 16, and 00010 is 2, which is 16*2 = 32, which in turn is 100000 in binary.

  26. Photosensitivity warning for anyone who wants to watch this, the game screen flickers throughout most of the episode. It killed me after about 5 minutes.

  27. 9:57 "tell me if it tastes like grapes"

    can you imagine stephanie just comes in and kisses him lol

  28. i really thought hedgehog food was gonna be cat food, since it could've been a sonic x reference

  29. you can just subtract with the binary like you would a regular problem so
    11011 –
    01010 =

  30. The real challenge is for the viewers: can you make it through the video despite Mat smacking his gums?

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