The Impossible Quiz BOOK! Because We Hate Ourselves! (Part 1) -

The Impossible Quiz BOOK! Because We Hate Ourselves! (Part 1)

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We suffered through the Impossible Quiz 1. We kicked and screamed through the Impossible Quiz 2. But that wasn’t enough for you! So now we’re back with the Impossible Quiz BOOK! It’s even harder and WEIRDER than anything that’s come before it! Watch us try to logic our way through the illogical for a third time!

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  1. a burner account just trying to learn korean. says:

    19: Can a match box?: No but a tin can

  2. Wait Steph is Italian? me too!

  3. anything involving babies is 10x funnier now, since they actually have a child to feed these liquified foods too

  4. 1:00:44

    Now that you actually have a kid, MatPat, does that still hold true? Chocolate milkshakes all the time?

  5. i don’t care how late i am, but the jfmamjjason one is d, it’s the first letter of each month in order. it took me a while, but then i remembered the jason derulo vine.

  6. 28:05 Matpat is rethinking his life and what it led up to this moment while all of this is happening.

  7. Mats reaction to the ham baby food: convulse repeatedly

  8. What do you have against Italians liking REAL Italian pizza Matthew?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  9. UHidsuhchgigysgdyhdudhdhxh Hddhgdgdixhsfeudvdh says:

    When you smell bacon while they are smelling that crap

  10. Money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is!

  11. It seems like I was the only one who didn’t get the “tooth hurty” joke…

  12. back from 2182 and i hope these smell stop soon

  13. what if I like ham baby food and prune goo on my pizza? Is that still valid Steph?

  14. Macoroni,cheese,potatoes and salad?
    I legit eat that as lunch

  15. See the thing is baby’s have special…? Or developing?…I don’t know.ummmm oh yeah their developing tastebuds that will help them enhance the flavor of food so when baby’s get feed lemons and they eat it they make funny faces that we can all enjoy thanks to those developing tastebuds that don’t really in a way know their true potential

  16. Yes, I can just wait till they try The Vision Test…

    mischiveous smile

  17. The 2.30 one is because if you say it out loud it sounds like tooth hurty

  18. I wonder if Ollie is being fed chocolate milk 🤔😂🍫🥛

  19. My little brother has a swallowing issue and prefers to have his food blended and it is so gross, but he is used to it.

  20. So I’m sitting there spoon feeding my husband prune baby food and…

    (Finishes welcome!)

  21. And HERE we see why I'll be making my own baby food with a food processor, thank you very much. Why ruin perfectly good squash and sweet potato by trying to disguise it as mac and cheese? Baby would probably like it much better (and be less picky later) if the food was allowed to be what it is! I know I'd rather eat sweet potato and squash, roasted up nicely with a little olive oil and salt, than something that tries to be mac and cheese and isn't. Mix foods with things that they taste good with, instead of trying to make them sweet or "kid's food," and you'll have a much happier child! Let spinach be spinach and apple be apple, and let your baby learn to love both spinach and apple for what they are! COME ON, PEOPLE!

  22. Takes them a while for them to get basic puns

  23. Black olives on pizza is an ALWAYS for me

  24. I only got that JFMAPJJASON one because of the vine. It’s the months of the year so the answer SHOULD be D

  25. I Had A Beach Revelation. Brought Along A Container Of Green Olives, Stuffed With Feta Cheese, Lots Of Little Black Olives, And Chunks of Some Kind Of Cheese. Spat Back Out The Green Olive, And Had To Try Black Olives. Truly A Savior. 10/10 Would Black Olive Again.

  26. Most baby foods set off a child's diarrhea because they haven't eaten anything before and their body is learning how to digest properly, I think

  27. "Which of the following would win in a fight"…… "Can a match box?" no but a tin can

  28. something has nine letters, t in the middle, with four letters on either side of it. if you add one letter it would be unbalanced

  29. Who else is back after babypat? I wonder what Olly eats?

  30. "Wheres the mcdonalds line for babies? Like, mashed up fries"

    BeCAusE mASh PotaTO DOes nOt eXIst

  31. MatPat: Just let it sit in your mouth
    Me:( immature chuckling) That's what he said

  32. “Can a match box? No but a tin can.” -the impossible quiz

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