The Impossible Quiz BOOK! Because We Hate Ourselves! (Part 1) -

The Impossible Quiz BOOK! Because We Hate Ourselves! (Part 1)

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We suffered through the Impossible Quiz 1. We kicked and screamed through the Impossible Quiz 2. But that wasn’t enough for you! So now we’re back with the Impossible Quiz BOOK! It’s even harder and WEIRDER than anything that’s come before it! Watch us try to logic our way through the illogical for a third time!

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  1. The Dentist Time was 2:30 is because it sounds like Tooth Hurty

  2. "You just gotta stroke the rod" – That sounds sexually innuendos to be honest with you.

  3. Okay I'm not trying to throw any shade or hate it but really question 3 was confusing I thought that that's a well-known joke

  4. Baby food is like maggots if you’re hungry enough anything can taste ok-ish … trust me

  5. anyone else come to rewatch this? no just me? that's what i thought

  6. Pause the video at 59:44 and look at their faces, specially Steph's

  7. And my family wonders why i'm a picky eater.

  8. Chicken Bacon Ranch (ranch sauce) pizza is pretty good. I prefer it with tomato sauce though

  9. We had a friend who only fed her child peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches while he grew up because it was fast, easy, and cheap. But then once he was older he ended up being allergic to everything except peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches because that was all he ate as a kid…

  10. I cant do this….BUT A TIN CAN (dead inside lol)

  11. this is the internet. theres 100% somebody out there wearing cat food on a necklace to ward off evil spirits! lol

  12. What time is my dentist appointment is 230 o’clock because 2:30 sounds like tooth Hurty

  13. me and my whole family have pepperoni and olives pizza on every Christmas eve as we hang out before all going home

  14. Mac and cheese baby food is the most American thing I’ve ever heard

  15. Looking back I still love that they get punished for cheating using the chat.

  16. They both look so small and cute in older videos

  17. spelt= spelling spelled is you just got Avada Kedavraed by harry potter

  18. Adobe flash player…..


    WHY YOU….

  19. why did you guys never finish this quiz you never made a part 3

  20. January

    next is D lol

  21. Steph spelt is not a word it’s spelled

  22. Is the “dont panic” written on the book on the chalkboard in the back a reference to Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy?

  23. I find it really infuriating that that disrespect the baby food, it's actually really good

  24. Them: picking the thing on 2nd question
    Me TOOTH 30

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