The Impossible Quiz Book (5) The Second Chapter -

The Impossible Quiz Book (5) The Second Chapter

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As we move on to Chapter 2 the plot thickens and the rage continues.


  1. And so the rage induced 10 episode long life questioning pure hell attempts to beat the spawn of satan that is this chapter began.

  2. Did you know that slap me do is secretly stalin?

  3. The lifeboy does not work when you have 1 life

  4. Not trying to spoil anything, but you are going to LOVE the ending

  5. Did you know it's Splapp-me-do?
    Not Slap-me-do

  6. Extra guy in videogames means extra life

  7. The reason u have a life buoy is because you caused a glitch (getting a game over and restarting) .this gives you a free life buoy. You are supposed to unlock it by typing "life buoy" in a question with a cassette in it

  8. YOUR GOOD at the question 1up guy . I HAVE to look up that question

  9. And btw , the lifebuoy ONLY works when youre not at 1 life .

  10. I like chapter 2 the most. Even though i never finished.

  11. So many puns, references and wordplays dont get recognized by all the letsplayers xd

  12. The game over music sounds familiar…

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