The impossible Quiz Book 100% Speedrun in 1:53 -

The impossible Quiz Book 100% Speedrun in 1:53

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  1. Why did typecast take a solid 3 seconds

  2. Stupid people, Hating on some other people who achieve something.

    Even if it's the first part, It's still fast.

  3. It's most likely possible to get a Sub 1:30 on Chapter 1 100%. You need to know where to click from your memory, while yes, this is done from memory, but it's mostly reaction.

  4. what software so people use to make these runs?

  5. Wrong typo… Must be "The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1: 100% Speedrun (you're time here)"

  6. That's 1/3 Chapters and I bet the person could not get to Chapters 2 and 3.

  7. 2:09

    Only a few people will remember this sound effect from Hedgehog Launch

  8. Wait would a 100% speedrun consist of all chapters

  9. Gladys Del Transito Calquin Gutierrez AUTTP says:

    I got a B grade

  10. I feel like this could have gone a lot faster

  11. He must have gotten a 100 in his reading classes

  12. You need to do chapter 2 and 3, so your basically %33.3 done

  13. This isn’t a 100% speedrun if there are multiple chapters and you only did the first one

  14. He touch those guys not lose a life ghost cursor

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