The Impossible Quiz be like 🫤 #shorts -

The Impossible Quiz be like 🫤 #shorts

Henson Cheung
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  1. If you don't know why its 4, here is why, Polo P one hole, O one hole, O one hole. How many holes in a polo, A has a hole dummy.😂😂😂😂 "There is not two holes in polo" LOL LOL

  2. apolo… that's 4 1 for o in a and one in p

  3. its a shirt, two arm holes, a head, and a body hole

  4. He said in a polo, not in the word polo, lol lol lol, I got it real quick., I love riddles

  5. The word “A polo” has 4 holes 1 in “A” 1 in “p” 1 in “o” and another one in “o”

  6. The frase a polo have 4 this question is in the impossible quiz the game with 110 question

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