The Impossible Quiz be like 🫤 #shorts -

The Impossible Quiz be like 🫤 #shorts

Henson Cheung
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  1. It means howcmany o's are in the sentence

  2. It’s Talking About Polo Shirt 💀1 Is The Neck 2 The arm Sleves and 1 is the west

  3. They're talking about the shirt brand polo so four

  4. 99 questions later…Boy 1: How many holes in two polos?Boy 2: Eight?Boy 1: I was talking about the Polo mints, so two.

  5. Cool anyways here’s a summary of splapp me do and the impossible quiz so in 05 splapp / glen rose made a demo for the impossible quiz with 30 questions in 07 since the game got popular he completed the game and made a sequel a few months after the first game and while the last game had over 110 questions this one had 120 then e4 games helped him or offered him to make the impossible quiz 3 (instead of the number 3 it was called the impossible quiz book with 3 chapters that come out every year skip a few years you get the Xmas version for the ten year anniversary. Phew now you know

  6. If you don't know why its 4, here is why, Polo P one hole, O one hole, O one hole. How many holes in a polo, A has a hole dummy.😂😂😂😂 "There is not two holes in polo" LOL LOL

  7. apolo… that's 4 1 for o in a and one in p

  8. its a shirt, two arm holes, a head, and a body hole

  9. He said in a polo, not in the word polo, lol lol lol, I got it real quick., I love riddles

  10. The word “A polo” has 4 holes 1 in “A” 1 in “p” 1 in “o” and another one in “o”

  11. The frase a polo have 4 this question is in the impossible quiz the game with 110 question

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