The Impossible Quiz Answers -

The Impossible Quiz Answers

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The Impossible Quiz Answers
Every question complete.

Tips and tricks:
5. right click to move in the colored area
19. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow = BOGGY
30. Right Click
34. Move the mouse offscreen
35. The alternate button appears shortly
40. Right Click
47. Right click to become visible again
51. Repeatedly click the screen
56. Right click to become visible
59. Click as fast as you can on the black thing
68. Move the mouse back and forth over the cat
75. Keep the mouse below the question number so you can click ESCAPE when the bomb is lit
76. Sugar, Honey, Honey
81. Move the mouse up and down on the pole
82. Click each toe nail
84. Right click to become invincible, but click back on screen to get the skips cuz you’ll need em
88. Click as fast as you can onscreen
92. 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4
93. Drag the bomb out of the way
94. Do absolutely nothing or you’ll lose lives
95. Move the mouse offscreen
99. Wait until the bomb hits 1 to click the sign
103. Right click to become visible
106. Hold the left mouse button to move off the road
107. When the Game Over screen pops up, don’t do anything. Don’t press Try Again
108. Add spaces between the numbers
109. Rapidly click its ass


  1. put it on the FREAKING LOWEST SPEED YOU CAN DO to see the answers.


  3. whoever says that this guy is clicking fast go to settings>>speed and set it on 0.50 or 0.75 and also i have no idea why im watching this video in 2018

  4. I know how to do it… im playing 'impossible quiz' right now… and thanks to show how to answer them all

  5. My computer is a touch screen so…. I dont need to right click 🙂

  6. I followed EVERY RULE in this but I still died

  7. Not even a warning for question 59 dislike👎

  8. help im stuck on lvl 42 can tell me what is the answer???

  9. sorry dude, going too fast, i think youre trying to mess us up. but really, you made me mess up on 30, i wish you could tell us what to click on our keyboard, oh and be slower, idiot.

  10. no puedo pasar el 59 por mas que lo intento

  11. Am I the only one who didn't get 76 right? It didn't work :/

  12. i dont need to use the right click cause my pc is touchscreen

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